We've got another sign that the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 is close to launching

The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 on a wrist
The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 (Image credit: Future)

If you're keen to get a Samsung-made fitness tracker strapped to your wrist, you may want to hold off on buying one for a little while – because all the signs are pointing to an imminent launch for the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3.

Rumors about the wearable have been swirling for a while now, but Android Authority reports that a device with the Galaxy Fit 3 name has appeared on the Bluetooth SIG database, where all new Bluetooth devices have to be registered.

The listing doesn't tell us much about the wearable – except that it's going to be called the Galaxy Fit 3 – but it does suggest that a Fit 3 launch could happen any time now. Its model number is SM-390 and it supports Bluetooth 5.3, if you're interested.

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it's perhaps unlikely that Samsung would push out a new product in the weeks that we have left in 2023, but it shouldn't be too long until 2024 before the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 appears.

More leaks

It was last month when the Galaxy Fit 3 rumors really started in earnest, with leaked pictures appearing of the fitness tracker – pictures that suggest it'll have a larger screen than the Galaxy Fit 2 that came before it.

We then saw the device mentioned in a couple of regulatory filings, an important step along the way towards a full release of a product. Those filings also hinted that the wearable would get a battery upgrade too.

A further leak followed not long after, revealing the color options for the fitness tracker and that larger screen again. It would seem that gray, gold and black are going to be the colors you get to pick from with this device.

Our Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 review will tell you that we were mostly impressed with the current model, though it launched way back in September 2020, so a replacement is overdue. The next version might show up alongside the Samsung Galaxy S24 in January.

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