Samsung Galaxy Ring release date predictions: When do we think we'll see it?

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The Samsung Galaxy Ring has been rumored for quite some time. Leaks surrounding what is set to be a discreet fitness tracker first surfaced in late 2022, so we've been hearing snippets of information about it for over a year now. 

Samsung does smartwatches very well and it's been doing wearables well for a long time too. We remember strolling around New York in 2014 with the Samsung Galaxy Gear proudly on our wrist and we have fond memories of the original Galaxy Gear Fit too. 

The Galaxy Ring will mark a new category for the South Korean company, and based on the rumors and its fitness expertise so far, the best smart rings is a field it could really dominate, unseating the likes of the Oura Ring Generation 3. When can we expect the Galaxy Ring to launch, and when might you be able to get your hands – or finger – on one?

What’s the predicted Samsung Galaxy Ring announcement date?

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From the information leaked so far about the Samsung Galaxy Ring, the earliest we're expecting to see the smart ring announced is on January 17. A number of rumors have indicated this will be when the Galaxy S24 series of smartphones will be announced in the first Unpacked of 2024, and some recent reports claim the Galaxy Ring will be announced alongside Samsung's latest flagship smartphones.

Don't pen it in the diary just yet as there have been no official details regarding the next Unpacked, nor what might be revealed during it. It's also worth mentioning the second half of 2024 and early 2025 have been thrown around in leaks as potential announcement dates for the Galaxy Ring too.

That said, it would be smart for Samsung to detail the Galaxy Ring alongside the new Galaxy S24 series, given Samsung is expected to be using Unpacked to showcase its entrance into the new category with a captive audience. 

What’s the predicted Samsung Galaxy Ring pre-order date?

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It's possible you will be able to order the Samsung Galaxy Ring immediately after Unpacked, which could either be January 17 (assuming this date is correct), or the day after. It's harder to predict the pre-order date for the Galaxy Ring compared to the Galaxy S24 smartphones as we don't have a previous pattern to refer to and the rumours haven't been too forthcoming with this information either.

The Samsung Galaxy Ring was claimed to have entered mass production in summer of 2023 though. If true, it would suggest the Oura Ring competitor would be ready for shelves in early 2024. That would also tie in with the rumoured announcement date and Samsung's general pattern of making its devices available to order on day of announcement, or very shortly after.

What’s the predicted Samsung Galaxy Ring release date?

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Assuming the Galaxy Ring debuts as part of the January 2024 Unpacked event, we're expecting – or hoping – the Samsung Galaxy Ring will be released before the end of January 2024, though nothing is confirmed yet of course. The Galaxy S24 series is rumored to be available from January 30, with those who pre-ordered potentially getting their devices from around January 26.

These are currently the best dates we have to base the Galaxy Ring release date on, as it would make sense that the devices are made available at the same time if they are announced together. It is also January, and that is the month many of us set our fitness intentions for the year, so releasing a fitness tracker around this time would be a smart move.

As we said, nothing has been confirmed in terms of release date or pre-order date, so you will need to approach these predictions with some caution. If you are considering buying the Galaxy Ring for a present, or to motivate you in your February fitness goals, you should consider a backup plan in case the Ring doesn't appear.

Samsung made its Galaxy S23 series and Galaxy S22 series available 16 days after their announcement, and the Galaxy S22 series 15 days after.

How much is the Samsung Galaxy Ring expected to cost?

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There haven't been any leaks surrounding the price of the Samsung Galaxy Ring as yet, though we don't expect it to be cheap. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 starts at $299 / £289 / AU$549. The Oura Ring - which is expected to be the Galaxy Ring's biggest competitor - costs $349 in the US and £280 in the UK, with a small subscription fee tacked on. We therefore wouldn't be surprised to see the Galaxy Ring around the $299 mark in the US or £299 in the UK.

Will the Samsung Galaxy Ring be available globally?

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If Samsung announces the Galaxy Ring during its first Galaxy Unpacked of 2024, that's very much a sign it's a high-profile device. Smart rings have become popular of late and Samsung will likely want to take as much of the pie as it can. With this in mind, we expect the Samsung Galaxy Ring to be widely available globally, including the US, the UK and Australia.

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