Why we think Amazon Prime Day 2018 will be on July 10 - and what to expect

when is amazon prime day and when do the deals start?

Just when is Amazon Prime Day 2018? Well, despite it being set to be Amazon's biggest day of the year, yes bigger than Black Friday, Amazon hasn't yet officially announced the date. But we're willing to bet our reputation on a date given what we know from past Prime Days.

Essentially, the last two annual Prime Days have landed on the second Tuesday of July. The first Prime Day was on a Wednesday (July 15 2015) though, just to put a slight kink in our theory, but Amazon seems to have settled on the Tuesdays in recent years, so that would mean Amazon Prime Day 2018 will land on Tuesday July 10.

If you're thinking Amazon is leaving it a little late to officially confirm the date, you may want to get comfortable. Despite Prime Day being on July 11 last year, Amazon didn't officially announce the date until 6am (GMT) on June 29.

But when do the Amazon Prime Day deals start?

Last year, Amazon Prime Day actually lasted 30 hours. In both the US and UK, Amazon started unleashing the discounts from 9pm the night before on the 10th, with discounted prices continuing through the whole of the 11th and finally finishing at 3am on the 12th. We can vouch for this. We were there. It was a long day.

We fully expect Amazon to at least roll with the 30-hour plan again, but we wouldn't be surprised to see an even bigger window announced. It's ok Amazon, we'll sleep when you eventually decide how long the day is.

So 9pm the night before is when Amazon fired the starter's pistol on its sales bonanza, but that doesn't mean you won't be able to get some fantastic discounts beforehand.

Other retailers usually have a sale of their own around Prime Day and they know too well what time many of Amazon's deals are launching, allowing them to attempt to beat them to the punch. So do keep an eye out for deals at stores other than Amazon on the day and the night before too. We'll be rounding up all the best deals from multiple retailers though on our Amazon Prime Day 2018 page.

What should you expect from Prime Day this year?

Amazon loves to discount its own items front and centre on Prime Day, but there are deals on pretty much every category on the Amazon sites. But yes, first of all expect Echo speakers, Kindles and Fire TV dongles to feature heavily on the Amazon homepage. 

If we're lucky, we might get the chance to get an Amazon Prime membership discount in the days leading up Prime Day too. We saw it drop from £79 to £59 in the UK last year. The US didn't get a similar deal though and annual Prime membership prices have actually just gone up $20, so we're hoping for a fairly big discount before Prime Day 2018 - Amazon will be keen to get as many people to sign up as possible after all. 

Outside of Amazon products you can expect some great prices on gaming consoles (Nintendo Switch bundles were on fire last time), cheap 4K TVs, discounted laptops, bargain boxsets, Philips Hue deals and much more.

If you don't want to miss out on the best deals, be sure to head on over to our Amazon Prime Day deals hub for all the latest updates leading up to Prime Day and straight through until the sale stops.