The Sims Mobile: 5 things to expect from the next mobile game sensation

Ooh be gah! The Sims are officially coming to iOS and Android devices in a brand new game developed by EA, who claims it will be the most in-depth Sims experience we've ever seen on mobile devices. 

This isn't the first Sims mobile game. The Sims Social was a Facebook title while The Sims Freeplay is currently available on iOS and Android, but neither of those titles offer the same experience at the original PC games.

Whether this new mobile game will get closer to the original experience is currently unclear,  but we’ve taken a look at the trailer to breakdown what you can expect from the new title.

There is a disclaimer on the trailer that says "image does not represent actual gameplay", which may mean some of this is subject to change.

In-depth house builder 

Rather than having a limited house builder option, the new trailer for The Sims Mobile suggests it will give us a similar amount of options as the full game.

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to use everything on day one though – unless you have the 'motherload' cheat for more in-game money – but it does look like there is an option to build your true dream house if you earn enough cash.

Lots of customization options 

Part of the fun of The Sims is recreating yourself, your friends and your family in great depth. You can spend hours making sure you've got the nose right.

The trailer shows that there are lots of customization options on The Sims Mobile, so you should be able to build your face quite easily and even create some new kinds of ugly monsters to play the game with.

Pay to boost hobbies 

The trailer says you can 'boost hobbies'... that’s not something we’ve heard of before in any other Sims game, so this suggests it will be a new option for the mobile title.

That may mean you can spend money in The Sims Mobile to be able to up your skill levels.

Online multiplayer

We really don't know how this one is going to work. The trailer says you will be able to play The Sims Mobile with friends online, but how exactly is currently unclear.

In the trailer you can see one Sim visit another and by the end of the conversation they are ready to move in together. How this will work in the final game is very unclear.

Lots of micro payments 

The bottom of this image includes a disclaimer showing the game will have in-app purchases

The bottom of this image includes a disclaimer showing the game will have in-app purchases

This one was inevitable, but a disclaimer on the trailer reveals micro payments will be the way you pay-to-play The Sims Mobile.

It may mean the game is free on day one though, so if you want to just play a short amount of The Sims Mobile it may suit you well.

You can watch the full trailer for The Sims Mobile just below: 

Via Engadget

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