The PS5's 'instant' demos could pave the way for a better PS Now

Godfall is one of the few confirmed PS5 games (Image credit: Sony)

Looking forward to the PS5? One of the latest rumors surrounding the console concerns demos available for PS5 games, with one source claiming that every PS5 game will come with a free demo as standard. What’s more, the way it’s described hints at a smart use of streaming technologies utilized in PS Now.

The rumor comes from Twitter account @ConsoleTime, which claims that a new PS Store interface will allow players to "try every game instantly [...] within seconds" rather than having to download demos or even the full game to try out titles before deciding whether or not to buy.

While we recommend taking any unsubstantiated claims with a massive pinch of salt (a... cup of salt?), the rumor touches on two aspects of the PS5 that are sure to become very important to next-gen console gamers.

The first is game downloads. We know the PS5 system architecture is going to allow partial game downloads, with developers able to split their game into separate downloads for single-player campaigns, multiplayer, and otherwise. That means you’ll be able to jump right into online play if you don’t want to wait around for the campaign to load – or don’t fancy it taking up much-needed space on your hard drive.

The second is PS Now: Sony’s game streaming service on PS4. We’re as yet unsure exactly how the service might differ on the next-gen console, but we do know it is coming to the PS5. 

Ok, so what's the fuss about?

Sony is currently lagging behind Microsoft when it comes to game subscription services, with Xbox Game Pass proving far more of a money-spinner than its PS Now counterpart.

However, the possibility of instantaneous game demos, available to stream without any lengthy downloads, are a tempting proposition for a console that we’re expecting to do a lot of things differently – and which we know will be deploying far more flexibility about the way that players access their games.

Allowing game demos to be immediately streamed removes a massive pain point for those looking to try out new titles, meaning you wouldn’t need to clog up your hard drive with countless demo files for the latest AAA games.

It would also offer players a working insight into PS Now’s streaming potential if they haven’t been using the service already. Having a dedicated tab within PS Now for ‘game demos’, or a ‘PS Now demo’ button alongside games in the PlayStation Store, would be a masterstroke of functionality for a service that’s struggled to gain the same traction as other offerings such as Xbox Game Pass.

While we don’t know anything about these demo rumors for certain, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Sony implement something similar – and if it isn’t, it may want to start thinking about it.

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