Roku reverses update after it breaks Netflix and Disney Plus apps

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Roku has had to roll back the recent Roku OS 10.5 update amidst complaints that it stopped popular streaming apps from functioning, with reports ranging from lagging playback to being outright unable to stream content across several popular apps.

As reported by SlashGear (opens in new tab), Roku had to reverse the update on its streaming devices, so that customers could resume watching content on the likes of Netflix, Disney Plus and Prime Video. The company has since confirmed it is working towards a solution, though there's still no word on when Roku OS 10.5 will be fit for purpose.

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As pointed out in the above tweet, Roku has pinpointed the issue to be most prevalent on older Roku TV and Roku Ultra devices. If users of these devices have been experiencing issues with the 10.5 update, the company has encouraged them to manually roll back to the 10.0 version.

Users can do so by accessing the Roku OS settings menu. From there, go to System, followed by System Update, and finally Check Now. Affected users should see the option to roll back to the most stable version,  resume watching their favorite content until Roku has its latest update in working order.

Analysis: A rare mishap?

We were honestly quite surprised to learn about this Roku OS update blunder. The company isn't really prone to widespread errors like this. In fact, the Roku OS experience overall is typically one of the most stable and responsive across all major smart TV operating systems.

Roku has been on a roll lately, benefiting from recent support from Funimation, HBO Max and a Vudu merger that saw a huge update to its library of entertainment.

News of the Roku OS 10.5 update disaster has been poorly timed, what with Black Friday sales in full swing at the time of writing. If you do choose to pick up a Roku Black Friday deal, be aware that you may run into the same issues as highlighted above if you're using the latest software, meaning you might have to stick with the 10.0 update for the time being.

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