Ring Alarm (2nd generation) and Outdoor Siren available for pre-order now

Ring Alarm (2nd generation)
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Smart Alarm systems are challenging traditional home security systems, which typically require professional installation and costly subscription plans. These DIY alarms work in the same way as the best home security camera, sounding an alarm and alerting you when motion or open window/door sensors have been triggered, but are easier to install and cheaper too. 

Ring, which is best known for its video doorbells, is hoping to make smart alarms even more of an appealing alternative to traditional alarm systems. The Ring Alarm (2nd generation), which now has one-touch buttons on the keypad to allow homeowners to sound the alarm or notify pre-set contacts about an emergency if they’ve subscribed to Ring Protect Plus, will go on sale on April 28 and costs £219. It’s already available in the US for $299.99, but there’s no word on whether it will be made available in Australia. 

Ring Alarm (2nd generation) 

Like the original Ring Alarm, the latest smart alarm from Ring is a five-piece kit that includes a base station, window/door sensor, motion detector, and range extender, as well as the new-look keypad. Ring says the sensors have been given an overhaul so they are more compact and easier to mount.

The keypad also has dedicated buttons for turning on the armed, disarmed and away modes for the alarm, which enable or disable the sensors. 

Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren

(Image credit: Ring)

 Ring Outdoor Siren

Ring is also introducing an Outdoor Alarm Siren, which works with both the original second-generation Ring Alarm, and sits on the exterior of your property to provide an external siren that will sound if the alarm is triggered. The Ring Outdoor Alarm Siren will be available on March 31 and costs $89.99 / £69. Once again Ring currently couldn't confirm if it will be released in Australia.

As well as being able to trigger an audible alert, the Outdoor Siren also has built-in LEDs, which flash red when the Ring Alarm is activated, highlighting to you and your neighbors there may be a security breach in your home. The siren will also double as a security light, illuminating at night. 

A real alternative to traditional alarm systems?  

The optional outdoor siren for the Ring Alarm not only ensures anyone outside the house is alerted to a potential break-in, it also acts as a clear indicator that the property has an alarm which could deter any would-be intruders. However, it’s worth noting that smart alarms often won’t be accepted by insurance companies if their policy requires an alarm system, in part because they’re DIY rather than installed by a professional installer, so check carefully if this is your main priority for purchasing a smart alarm. 

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