PS5’s Rest mode is reportedly corrupting save data and causing persistent crashes

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The PS5’s Rest mode is a super convenient feature that allows players to pick up exactly where they left off in a game, but as it stands, it’s causing more trouble than it’s worth.

Multiple users have reported that the PS5 Rest mode is experiencing a host of technical issues that cause the system to persistently crash, wipe out save data or worse, even brick the console entirely – though it’s hard to verify the latter.

While we personally haven’t encountered any issues when using the PS5’s Rest mode during our testing, the issues seem to arise depending on the game that’s being suspended. Titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered and Godfall appear to aggravate the problem, but Demon’s Souls has also been called out as one of the games that’s affected.

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The good news is that a system update has just dropped for the PS5, which “improves system performance”. The patch weighs in at 866MB, and arrives just in time before the PS5 is released to the rest of the world on November 19, including the UK.

PlayStation gone

Unfortunately, finding where to buy a PS5 is still proving a challenge for consumers who failed to grab a pre-order back in September. Sony has promised it’s doing its best to meet demand, but has admitted that stock shortages are likely.

But what about Black Friday PS5 deals? Well, some retailers like Best Buy have promised that limited stock of the console will be available to purchase online, and hopefully more stock continues to trickle in before Christmas.

We've been thoroughly impressed with Sony's next-gen console, and were particularly impressed by the innovative DualSense controller in our review. Its launch lineup of titles, including Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Sackboy: A Big Adventure have also impressed, making Sony's console an attractive proposition, even at this early stage.

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