PS5 owners can now buy another PS5… thanks to Sony

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Sony is helping PS5 owners buy another PlayStation 5 console – at least, that’s how it seems, as purchase invitations for a new wave of PlayStation Direct stock have been sent out to those who may already own Sony’s elusive console. 

Twitter’s deal maestro Wario64 shared a screenshot that showed he had received an invitation to purchase another console via Sony’s PlayStation Direct program, despite already owning a PS5. This was later corroborated by a number of Reddit users who received the same invitation. 

If you’re lucky enough to receive an invite, you’ll be able to log onto Sony’s online shop and purchase a PS5 without needing to queue or spam the refresh button. You can even add some PS5 accessories to your basket at your leisure, as the console won’t be snapped up at the speed of light by other users.

It’s unclear whether Sony will recognize if a user has already bought a PS5 when they checkout, but it’s obviously not an ideal situation for those who are still looking to buy a PlayStation 5. It could also lead to scalping, if those who purchase a second PS5 list the consoles on eBay in the hopes of making a profit. 

A more positive outlook might be that these generous invites could represent a good opportunity for people to purchase a PS5 for their friends or family, but again, it seems like an oversight on Sony’s part to offer invitations to those who already have the console.

The hunt continues

PS5 stock continues to be hard to come by, with stock drops often selling out in a matter of minutes, despite the console being on sale for over six months. Sony is aiming to accelerate the production of PS5 consoles in the next fiscal year, and is even hoping to outsell the original PlayStation, which managed to shift 22.6 million units per year in its heyday. 

Sony has also revealed that its PlayStation Direct stores will be coming to more regions in the future, which should make buying a PS5 outside of the US a little easier. 

We’re tracking the latest PS5 restocks on TechRadar, and you can follow our dedicated, one-man PS5 tracker Matt Swider so you don’t miss a drop.

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