PS5 games reveal event confirmed for June 4

(Image credit: Sony)

After much rumor and speculation, Sony has confirmed it's hosting a PS5 games reveal event on June 4.

The PS5 game reveal event will be an hour-long presentation, called the 'Future of Gaming', and will give us our first look at the PlayStation 5's game line-up.

The presentation will air on June 4 at 1pm PT / 4pm ET / 9pm BST (or on June 5 at 6am AEST). Fans will be able to watch via Twitch, YouTube or the official PS5 website. Check out the teaser trailer for the showcase below:

Rumors were right

We've been expecting that Sony will host another PS5 reveal event sometime in the near future, but we weren't quite sure when. 

In a corporate strategy meeting earlier this month, Sony president and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida stated that we will be seeing the "compelling" PS5 games line-up "soon", leaving many to speculate about a potential PS5 games reveal event date.

Bloomberg recently reported that a PS5 reveal event was planned for June 3, but did add the caveat that plans could change, given the current circumstances.

While VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb, who spoke to sources under the condition of anonymity, uncovered Sony's plans to host big PS5 showcase sometime in the first two weeks of June – suggesting a (what we now know to be correct) date of June 4. 

It seems this event will only focus on PS5 games, with Grubb claiming the showcase will include both first-party titles and third-party titles from Sony’s trusted partners. So don't expect any hardware.

Hopefully this will be the PS5 reveal event we've been waiting for as, until now, Sony's events have been a bit dull.

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