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Sony State of Play: when is the next PlayStation event and what to expect?

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Sony State of Play is a semi-regular digital event, which showcases the latest and greatest PlayStation news, updates, reveals and announcements.

Since the showcase began in 2019, Sony has used State of Play to reveal The Last of Us 2 release date, debut gameplay footage for Ghost of Tsushima, and drop new trailers for games including Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Returnal. So it's always worth tuning in to the State of Play livestreams if you want to be alerted to any big announcements for PS5 games, PSVR games and PS4 games.

Sony's last State of Play event took place on July 8, and focused on the upcoming FPS, Deathloop as well as showcasing several indie titles. As for the next State of Play, we don't yet know when the next one will be and we probably won't know until it's almost here.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t reasons to get excited about Sony’s upcoming games. Sony’s big PS5 Showcase for 2021 took place on Thursday, September 9 and it not only showed off new details for God of War: Ragnarok but revealed brand new titles like Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and Marvel's Wolverine too. You can check out the whole event on PlayStation's YouTube channel.

If you instead want all of the latest Sony State of Play news, read on for everything we know about the next gaming showcase so far.

Latest State of Play Update

Sony only recently hosted its PS5 Showcase for 2021, so we doubt they'll have a State of Play event soon. We may get one near the close of 2021 but we wouldn't be surprised if no more dropped until 2022.

When is the next Sony State of Play?

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Sony has not yet confirmed when its next State of Play event will take place and we'd be surprised if it came soon. Many suspected that it would put out an event around Gamescom 2021 but instead Sony decided to go out on its own with a September showcase for the PS5 games headed our way in 2022 and beyond.

This shouldn't have been a surprise as the last State of Play was on July 8 2021, a date completely separate from either of the huge E3 2021 or Summer Game Fest events. It looks like Sony has its own plan and won't blindly follow the rest of the gaming industry on when to make announcements. 

So far this year we've seen State of Plays take place on February 25, April 29, and May 27. This sporadic, yet frequent release schedule indicates that we might get one more State of Play in what remains of 2021, but we wouldn't be shocked if the next didn't land until 2022.

What can we expect from the next Sony State of Play?

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Because we don't know when the State of Play will be taking place, we also can't predict exactly what we will see. Highly anticipated titles like Horizon Forbidden West, God of War: Ragnarok and Gran Turismo 7 are sure to steal the spotlight in future showcases, but we'll have to wait a little longer to know for sure. 

Nearer their release dates, we'll probably see State of Plays for Forspoken and Marvel's Wolverine too.

The last State of Play on July 8 focussed on smaller games, like Deathloop and indie titles. This shows that blockbusters aren't the only games that will headline the event. This means that other PS5 exclusives like Stray (that one about the cat) and Ghostwire: Tokyo could get their own State of Play showcase too.

We've also been expecting to hear more about Sony's PSVR 2 at the next State of Play (or similar) event. However, it looks like that won't be happening at the Thursday, September 9, PS5 Showcase 2021, as Sony has made it clear the next-gen PSVR won't be making an appearance.

What was revealed at the last Sony State of Play?

Sony's last State of Play took place on July 8 and focused on Deathloop, giving us an even more in-depth look at gameplay and what players will be faced with when it launches. We also saw several indies too, with trailers for Sifu and Moss 2.

The State of Play before that on May 27 and focused solely on Horizon Forbidden West. The showcase featured 14 minutes of gameplay from the highly-anticipated sequel and, while we didn't get a release date, we did get our best look at some of Aloy's new abilities and some of the new machines she'll be facing off against. You can check out the gameplay trailer above.

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