PS5 exclusive Returnal looks like a heavenly bullet-hell shooter in new gameplay footage

Returnal gameplay
(Image credit: Housemarque)

Returnal developer Housemarque has shown off some brand new gameplay of the upcoming PS5 exclusive, and there’s already a lot to like.

A third-person action arcade game, Returnal mixes the bullet-hell genre with rouge-like elements. You play as a lone survivor stranded on an alien planet who has to overcome waves of hostile enemies using exotic weaponry, traversal techniques and special moves. Due to its rogue-like nature, every time you play the game promises be different.

The video below provides a fascinating insight into how Housemarque has made the transition from 2D or top-down side-scrolling shooters to 3D. Snippets of PS5 gameplay is shown during the interview, which showcases the fast-paced nature of the game, and also how equipment like the 'hookshot' helps add a layer of verticality to the experience.

Housemarque also touches on the work it's done to integrate the PS5 DualSense controller’s new feature set. The adaptive triggers are fully utilized, and provide a dual button functionality. You can press L2 half way to perform a traditional focus aim, while if you press the trigger down fully you'll alt fire. Players can also fully customize the controls to fit their personal preference.

A return to form?

Housemarque are renowned for their intense, bullet-hell action games, such as the PS4 launch title Resogun and Super Stardust HD on PS3, so hopes are high that Returnal will also deliver a compelling, satisfying experience for players. 

Thankfully, Returnal isn't too far away. It arrives on PS5 on March 19, 2021 and is one of our most anticipated games of this year. It’s also exclusive to PS5, which is likely to strengthen the appeal of Sony’s new hardware to prospective buyers, particularly if it garners critical acclaim. 

If you're still searching where to buy PS5, and millions are, we're continuing to check for stock updates at all the major retailers to help you find one without paying over the odds. 

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