PS5 disc drive noise may be quieter after latest update

PS5 internal storage concern
(Image credit: Sony)

Users have observed another change from the latest PS5 update that apparently makes the console quieter whenever a disc is inserted.

Previously, the PS5 had a bad habit of kicking up the disc drive at high speed now and again if you had a disc sitting in the console’s 4K Blu-Ray drive. In contrast to the console, the PS5’s disc drive was noticeably loud during these moments, and could prove distracting when you were playing a game or watching media.

Of course, this problem doesn’t affect those who own the PS5 Digital Edition console, as it doesn’t include a disc drive, but it appears that the PS5 April update has put a damper on the PS5’s disc drive noise.

The console will still spin the disc, but it’s not quite as loud as it was before. It’s not clear whether Sony has slowed the drive down, or if it’s simply a placebo effect, but multiple users, along with PushSquare, have reported that the noise is indeed quieter. 

The PS5 is, mercifully, far quieter than the PS4 and PS4 Pro, which were often lambasted for being too loud when playing graphically intensive games. Anything that helps keep the console stay whisper quiet is a win in our books, so hopefully Sony can get to a stage where the disc only needs to be read when absolutely necessary.

Work to be done

Even though the new PS5 update helped ease the burden on the PS5’s 667GB internal SSD – you can now store PS5 games on an external hard drive, but you can’t play them – Sony still hasn’t unlocked the console’s M.2 drive. Sony has promised it will share more information in due course, though we have our concerns over Sony’s internal storage solution.

Unlike the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, which include a storage expansion slot at the back, the PS5 will require users to pop off the system’s faceplates and screw in an M.2 SSD drive. However, Sony hasn’t revealed which drives will work, but they could be worryingly expensive

Those who use a 1440p monitor will also be wondering when Sony will add PS5 1440p support. Currently, if you plug a PS5 into a 1440p display, the max resolution available is 1080p. In comparison, both the new Xbox consoles allow users to output at 1440p.

There's work to be done, then, but the latest PS5 update is promising and also added some nice quality of life updates. We just hope it doesn't take another five months for the next update to arrive. 

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