PS5 consoles are being "sold" on Currys for £2,449 – and there's of course a catch

PS5 | PlayStation 5 box
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Currys PC World is listing limited PS5 consoles to buy for £2,449, which is more than three times its original price. But all is not what it seems

If you visit the website you might be confused to see both the base PS5 and the Digital Edition for such a high price, considering the PS5 should be £449 while the digital edition is £349.

This eye-watering listing isn't price gouging and if you check the product you'll notice there's a deal available, which states that this is for customers who have a discount code – one they would have received as part of a priority pre-order sign up.

A note on the product page indicates that customers with the discount code will be able to knock off £2,000, meaning you'll get it for the original price.

“This product is only available to priority pre-order customers with a valid discount code," a message reads.

This also means that if you do happen to try to buy the console without the discount code, you will pay the full price – but you will not receive a PS5 and will instead be refunded in a few days.

“Please be aware only pre-orders placed with a valid unique code will be fulfilled," a message reads. "All other orders will be cancelled.”

This is a means for Currys to be able to promise and ensure priority customers can get access to the extremely popular console after paying a deposit for access to it.

Only customers who opted to spend the £5 deposit were the recipients of these special discount codes for £2,000 (plus the £5 deposit return), to bring the price of the console back to its original listing.

The full promotion on the website reads: "If you don’t have a code, please don’t attempt to buy this product. On entering your unique code, price will be discounted. Orders placed without a unique code will be cancelled, refunds will be credited to your payment method within 3-5 working days."

Even though the scheme for this ended on October 26, it seems like the listing is still online.

If you search through Currys for the PS5, you'll either be taken to the original pre-order page which states that the PS5 is totally sold out, or you'll find your way to the £2,449 listing.

PS5 pre-orders officially launched in September and retailers in the UK sold out almost immediately.

Sony apologised on social media about the handling of the process, seemingly taken aback by the popular demand of the new console. Since then, Sony has promised that more stock will be made available as we approach the launch date.