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The best Nexus 5X deals in 2019

The Nexus 5X is 2015's smartphone from Google - and a little help from LG which built the device. Fans of the Nexus 5 will find a lot to love here, as the Nexus 5X comes with a beefed up processor, USB-C port and a massively improved camera. It also features a gorgeous 5.2-inch screen and only weighs 136g, making it easy to carry around.

Even though the Nexus 5X is showing its age a little, it's still a very good smartphone, and now that Google has released the more expensive Google Pixel range of phones, it's now even more affordable. On this page you'll find a comparison tool right at the top so that you can compare and filter all the UK's best Nexus 5X deals to find the cheapest handset - and then be sure to head to our best SIM only deals page to grab the best tariff for you.

That all said, it's still priced on the high side for such an old phone. Why not take a look at our best SIM-free phones run-down for some cheaper alternatives.

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Nexus 5X deals

TechRadar's Nexus 5X review highlights

When we first heard the name Nexus 5X, we were worried that Google wanted to take its beloved Nexus 5 to an unnecessary extreme. However, this is a phone update within reason.

The real "extreme" turned out to be last year's phone. Although we adjusted to the Nexus 6 size and appreciated its larger display at times, bigger isn't always better. The Nexus 5X proves this.

We liked

The 5.2-inch display is the tipping point for one-handed Android phones. Reaching icons all the way across the big screen doesn't require two hands. It's not really a phablet, but it's close.

That's how we'd describe its performance against its closest rivals. It's not the best, but close. It has a fast enough Snapdragon processor and an above average camera that stands up to low light, a fight it wins more than any other phone.

Low light photo quality is subjective at this point. So is the quick and accurate fingerprint sensor being on back. It has reasonable all-day battery life and charges quickly via USB-C. There are better options out there that use micro USB if you're not ready to upgrade your cable collection.

We disliked

Then there are the things that haven't changed but should have. With 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage for the entry-level price, you're likely to max out both forms of memory more than a few times over the next year or two.

The 2GB of memory affects performance, even if our tests prove it's minimal now, that can be a problem 12 to 23 months after launch, right before you upgrade. All of a sudden, you'll turn into that person who says, "I can't wait to get rid of this phone." You can solve the internal space dilemma by springing for the more expensive 32GB Nexus 5X. It's worth it.

The Nexus 5X doesn't have wireless charging capabilities (for no reason, I might add - it doesn't have a metal wireless-charge-blocking back like the Nexus 6P), so that Nexus Qi Wireless Charger is an expensive paperweight for some owners. Google recently stopped selling it in its store. Out with the new, in with the old way of doing things, unfortunately.


Google modernized the its normal-sized flagship for modern times with a slightly larger display, a faster processor and reversible USB charging method.

It's still inexpensive, and the fingerprint sensor is fast and accurate. We found relief switching back to this smaller, lighter and substantially cheaper phone. Your pocket is going to appreciate it in more ways than one.

No, The Nexus 5X isn't the best phone you can get - it's not even in the top 10. It's not even the best Nexus anymore due to the Nexus 6P being the bigger and faster of the two. It's more like the the perfect fit for one hand and the closest thing to a five-finger discount given the specs.