The best Microsoft Lumia 950 deals in 2019

The Microsoft Lumia 950 - a littler, more compact version of the all-powerful Lumia 950 XL, where only a slightly slower processor points to the difference between these two phones (and that size, don't forget).

That means the Lumia 950 is a phone with a more palm-friendly 5.2-inch screen with all that lovely QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution, a powerful-ish Snapdragon 808 chipset inside (combined with a decent 3GB of RAM) and if you're someone that likes to tinker with their handset, the back comes off (and can be changed for other designs) and you can remove the battery and expand storage through microSD.

When it comes to the camera, it's an equally good affair, thanks to a 20MP effort that uses the Pureview technology Microsoft gained when it bought Nokia, and that really brings a a more professional quality to all kinds of snaps.

But there's no sniff of any contract plans anymore for the Lumia 950. So you'll have to buy the handset and then grab a SIM only deal to go with it.

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Techradar's Lumia 950 review highlights:

We liked

The Lumia 950 was the first Windows 10 Mobile phone, and that probably fits your style if you're reading this on a PC, Surface Book or Surface Pro 4. The phone revamps the slick Live Tiles interface that we really liked, and the iris-scanning is a fun party trick, even if it takes longer to bypass.

Continuum is the most hyped feature of this smartphone, and it's a handy way of working on full-scale spreadsheets and diving into Word documents with just a phone, Display Dock and several cables. It's not going to replace your PC during travel just yet, but it's something that should excite enterprise folks in the future.

We disliked

There's a lot of work to be done here, Microsoft. All of the top apps need to be a part of Windows 10 Mobile. Furthermore, the existing ones, like Instagram, need to get regular updates so that, next to iOS and Android, they're not lagging behind in more ways than one.

The Windows Hello log in is literally eye-catching, but it's too slow compared to a fingerprint sensor. Microsoft Maps isn't ready for road warriors of any sort, and the phone gets too hot. Call quality could be better, as could the battery life and camera, all things that firmware updates may be able to fix – to a degree.

Final verdict

Lumia 950 feels like a public beta test before Microsoft launches the long-rumored "Surface Phone." It's an incomplete picture that doesn't quite deserve the Surface name, as much as we liked the operating system underneath and some of its enterprise features.

Of course, this more than enough for Windows Phone 8.1 users to upgrade to the Windows 10 Mobile flagship's debut. Seeing that attractive Live Tiles design on the phone and then, in less than a few seconds, transitioning to the desktop-like mode via Continuum is a dream come true. Phones are finally acting like computers in a way Apple and Google have barely tried.

Continuum needs to be fleshed out, and so does the app count, camera, battery life and phone call quality. Again, there's a lot of work to be done. The Lumia 950 and Windows 10 Mobile feel like the first stepping stones before Microsoft dials it up to, say, Windows 11 Mobile.

Lumia 950 deals