Latest 2TB PS5 rumor is probably fake – here's why

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Every week there's a new PS5 price or release date 'leak', and despite what the headlines might say, they're almost always not true. That's because this information is not in wide circulation yet – all anyone has right now is what Sony has told them.

 We've seen retailer 'leaks' about the PS5 before, on multiple occasions, that we were able to debunk as being nonsense. Now, here's another one. 

Spotted by GamePro, German retailer briefly listed a 2TB PS Digital Edition on its website - with a hefty price tag of €974.79 (roughly £870 / $1,150 / AU$1,600) - before taking the listing down altogether.

But we think a 2TB PS5 All-Digital edition would be a stretch. Especially considering Sony has already confirmed the PS5's specs, citing the PS5 SSD as being 825GB - with the PS5 Digital Edition boasting the same specs as its standard alternative. So it would make little sense for another SKU to exist before launch.

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However, 825GB for the PS5 is looking like it may be a bit tight considering the size of upcoming PS5 games. But it's more likely Sony will utilize the PS5's expandable storage rather than upgrading the hardware so close to launch - especially as this big a jump in storage will definitely push up the price point, something Sony will want to avoid.

Not to mention the price

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Even if somehow Sony did have a 2TB PS5 Digital hidden up its sleeve, another indication that this listing isn't legit is the price tag itself. Sony has yet to confirm the PS5 or PS5 Digital price yet, and analysts are predicting the standard console to come in at around $499 - with the digital version priced slightly cheaper. So a 2TB version of the PS5 Digital being priced at double the expected price of the standard PS5 is ludicrous and extremely unlikely.

As we mentioned above, we've seen plenty of PS5 retail listings previously which have been easy to debunk - with most acting as placeholder prices rather than legitimate leaks. 

Until we get sold pricing from the horse's mouth (the horse being Sony), it's best to treat any PS5 price leaks with a suitable speculation. We're expecting it won't be long until the company unveils pricing and opens pre-orders, although PS5 pre-orders are going to be extremely limited.

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