E3 2014: top five moments from gaming's biggest show

Update: There's only a few days left but that hasn't stopped the rumors. On the second page you'll find a bit on Nintendo and a few more games as well. We've also added the official Battlefield Hardline trailer, if you're into that (because why not?). As always, keep checking back for more news.

E3 2013 was the most competitive and downright crazy shows we've been to in the recent history of gaming. The Xbox One went head-to-head with the PS4 and began a new generation of console gaming.

But that doesn't mean it was all great. After all, it's been a whole year and there still aren't a lot of games on the roster. That's why we figure at this year's June 10-12 Los Angeles event, big games are coming out to play.

Though that's not all we're expecting to see - virtual reality was the star of GDC 2014 and there likely will be a ton more information from Sony, Oculus and other companies - if they're smart and get in on the growing VR revolution.

We're also hoping to see more of the Valve Steam Machines in action and perhaps hear an announcement from Nintendo to see just what the heck the über private company's been up to.

The official E3 2014 floor plans have been released and it looks like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are lumped together in the West Hall with the other big names like Ubisoft and EA in South Hall.

Check out a more detailed list of what we want to see at E3 2014 below, and as we continue to update the page for more information leading up to our coverage of the show floor.

Sony sets sights on VR

OK so it looks like Sony has something big planned for its PlayStation conference - what else could explain why its live-streaming the event to 40 movie theaters in the US?

Could it be the new info on Project Beast that's popped up? Or maybe Uncharted 4? But are these titles popcorn-worthy? After Beast leaked, it's been noted that the game is first in a series of brand new announcements so there could be something even bigger in the works. Only a few more weeks until the Expo to find out.

Other than that, Sony seems to be on a roll lately. With the success of the PlayStation 4 and the announcement of its virtual reality endeavors, Project Morpheus , all we need is a big game for the company to be unstoppable.

Speaking of Morpheus, we're expecting to hear more about the headset during Sony's June 9 Press Conference. We were lucky enough to test out the gear ourselves, not once but twice and were duly impressed both times.

Along the way, we found out that Sony's headset will probably change quite a bit before it becomes available to buy. Plus that light bar isn't just to be a flashy feature - Project Morpheus was one of the main reasons it was put on there.

This headset looks so promising, we might even see an announcement for a Morpheus-specific game at E3.

We'll also probably hear more about PlayStation Now, Sony's Netflix-esque gaming service. With the PS Now beta out since the beginning of the year for the PS3 and the PS4 beta just announced, and a release expected for mid-2014, it seems like it'll fall perfectly in line with June's Expo.

News of a PS4 Slim being announced at E3 has recently circulated, but probably isn't going to happen. If anything, there'll just be hardware updates coming soon.

Microsoft says 'Game on'

It's been a more tumultuous year for Microsoft and the Xbox One (see: the PS4's 7 million units sold to the Xbox One's 5 million shipped) but it's not like the console or company are losing fans anytime soon. A freshly revealed Kinect-less Xbox is being released on June 9 for £350 ($399), which matches the PS4's own camera-less price point - may just ramp up sales.

But so far, it's mostly thanks to the Xbox One-friendly Titanfall that the next-gen console has remained in the ring. Ryse: Son of Rome also proved popular at a time when the PS4 didn't have any big titles. Rumor has it that we'll be seeing a sequel announced during the June 9 Microsoft conference. But the biggest announcement that has come from the Redmond-based publisher is surely Halo 5: Guardians - which, we're bound to learn even more about when Microsoft hits the stage Monday morning.

Major Nelson has noted on his blog that the conference will be called Xbox: Game On, so it's safe to say there will be at least one or two (hopefully more) titles announced.

But games aside (don't worry, it's a brief aside) we'll probably learn more about Microsoft's new entertainment model. Specifically, with the consoles turning into a one-box type of entertainment machine with music and TV, we may get previews of Xbox's new, original shows including the Steven Spielberg-produced Halo show.

Year of Ubisoft?

French multi-national video game developer and publisher Ubisoft seems ready to show off more next-gen titles during E3.

Currently, the company has been quite busy with hit after hit thanks to Assassin's Creed and likely, the upcoming Watch Dogs game (despite some Watch Dogs controversy stirred in). You also can't deny that Tom Clancy's The Division looks pretty dang cool ever since it was announced at last year's E3. Though it's been recently delayed until 2015, we're still going to see snippets of the game.

In fact, Ubisoft noted in a blog just what it plans on touting during the show. Along with Watch Dogs and The Division, we'll see French Revolution-set Assassin's Creed Unity, Far Cry 4 in the Himalayas and a few more games.

What Ubi isn't bringing to the table are games available on the Nintendo platform. According to Slashgear, the company will not feature any Wii U or 3DS titles during the show.

Whatchu got, EA?

Forget the trailer leaks. Battlefield Hardline has an official teaser trailer out, that happens to tell us the release date too! We can all look forward to the new Battlefield 5, October 21 later this year - if there aren't any delays, of course. Check out the video below and expect to see more during E3.

Battlefield rumors begone! A teaser video for Battlefield Hardline (yes, it's official now) has leaked and shown off a different kind of war, the "war on crime." Speaking of official, Steve Papoutsis VP and General Manager of Visceral Games, and Executive Producer for Battlefield Hardline has definitely confirmed the latest BF5 game.

In a series of tweets, he notes that the footage we've seen is six months old and that we'll indeed be seeing more about the game during E3. In fact, we may even see more teases before the June 9 conference. Though that's not going to stop the slew of unofficial leaks - like the most recent ones of two multiplayer modes, Blood Money and Heist, on a map called High Tension.

Battlefield Hardline

A game of cops and robbers, Battlefield-style

Battlefield 5 just got another whole heaping pile of rumors thrown out on the interwebs. It's been known that the next iteration will depart from its usual militaristic setting for one where you play as the police. Meaning the name Slashgear has thrown out, "Battlefield S.W.A.T.," seems to make sense. And just like that, there are now even fresher rumor-y bits about the next BF5 game. VG247 reported that Battlefield Hardline may be the title. A recent Battlelog seemingly also provided various info on the possible playable classes (Enforcer, Mechanic, Operator, and Professional), game modes and more.

Mass Effect 4 has also been heavily teased by BioWare for awhile now and it seems about right to show us something at E3 - perhaps during EA's press conference? Speaking of BioWare, it's highly probable Dragon Age: Inquisition will be touted.

Dragon Age

We're ready for those dragons

We'd like to see some Star Wars Battlefront and maybe (just maybe) Battlefield 5 thrown in as well. The Sims 4, which is coming out soon, is most definitely on the roster as well. At least one or even two of these games will see the light of the E3 stage - Geoff Keighley of Spike TV tweeted that six games will be revealed during the EA World Premiere conference.