E3 2014: top five moments from gaming's biggest show

It's finally the first day of the Expo! We had a long, tiring day running from conference to conference but today was Nintendo's day to shine.

But did it? The Nintendo Direct Digital Event was pretty dang short and didn't give us as much as wanted. Though a lot of games were announced, like an open world Zelda title for the Wii U.

We also saw the announcement of the previously leaked Mario Maker where you can create your own Mario courses. Thanks said leak, there will probably be a demo of this on the show floor.

Following in the footsteps of Disney's Skylanders, Nintendo officially announced Amiibo, little figurines players can place on their systems to import characters into games.


Hello, Nintendo

Other big titles include Xenoblade Chronicles X, Super Smash Bros., Bayonetta 2 and more.

We're hitting the Expo floor soon so keep your eyes peeled for more news! It's going to be another long day ...

Xbox and PlayStation

Face off!

Razer at E3

Razer's CEO Min-Lian Tan is a popular guy and isn't a veteran to the convention scene - in fact he's been to six E3's and counting. This year, he took the time to tell us a little bit about some new Razer products - two of which debuted on the Expo floor.

The Kraken Pro headsets have been quite the hot ticket with gamers that Razer decided (with Doge marketing) that rainbow, neon colors were needed. Check out the video below for more info on the headphones and a few more new Razer products.

Roccat sticks with PC traditions

Breaking the Steam Machines single-controller convention, Roccat is now rolling out a new Sova lapboard to bring mouse and keyboard control to Steam Machines.

The hardware maker describes Sova as a solution for PC gamers who need more than a controller to play games like StarCraft II and DoTA.

Sova combines a somewhat miniature mechanical keyboard with a gigantic mouse pad. The lapboard is being billed as an extremely durable and modular accessory with a mouse pad that can be expanded and retracted.

The Sova should be at E3 where we'll definitely be bringing you a hands on of the intriguing peripheral.

Doom at QuakeCon

Doom 4 has been teased as a pre-order bonus for Wolfenstein: The New Order in the form of access to a beta until now.

Though we won't see it unveiled at E3, Bethesda released a trailer earlier today with the message that we'll be seeing more of the fourth iteration of the landmark classic during QuakeCon 2014, in Texas July 17 - July 20.