Sony opens up Playstation Now to lucky few

PlayStation Now
We're still waiting for our email invite...

Check your emails as lucky US residents have today begun receiving invites from Sony to participate in the private testing of PlayStation Now, Sony's new game-streaming platform.

A Neogaf forum member posted a screenshot of the email earlier today, which states that they were invited to participate in the beta testing.

Those receiving invites are all US residents and Sony is recommending that participants use a PlayStation 3 that is hooked up to the internet via a cable.

Sony also suggests that you use a 5Mps or higher broadband internet connection for the "best experience."

Golden ticket

The lucky bunch of folk who accept the invite will be receiving a beta voucher and further info on how to begin the testing process.

PlayStation Now was revealed at CES 2014 earlier this month and will eventually roll out to the PS3, the new Playstation 4, PS VIta, as well as on smart TVs, smartphones and tablets.

The service will allow you to stream games made for all generations of PlayStation up to the PlayStation 3, including PSP games, and should solve the problem of the PS4 not having backwards compatibility.

A full roll-out is slated for mid-2014 Stateside and it looks as though parts of Asia will be receiving the service before Europe. Australia, on the other hand, hasn't been mentioned yet.

Once beta testing starts, we'll probably have a better idea of how well the streaming service works, as invariably, there'll be a leak or two.