Sony PlayStation Now streaming service tipped for early 2015 Eurotrip

Sony PlayStation Now streaming service tipped for early 2015 European arrival
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Gamers excited to delve into the recently-announced PlayStation Now streaming library should probably holster that anticipation for a little while, with reports claiming it won't hit Europe until next year.

The Gaikai-powered cloud gaming service, which was announced at CES earlier this month, is being targeted for a Q1 2015 roll-out on this side of the Atlantic, judging by a leaked internal document.

The presentation slide, obtained by Eurogamer, outlines the PlayStation Now roadmap, with a public beta set for this month and a full roll-out in the US and Canada on PlayStation devices in the summer.

"Partner devices" like Smart TVs, tablets and smartphones will receive PlayStation Now in late 2014 and the service will then come to Japan and Korea before the planned European roll out.

Backwards and forwards

PlayStation Now represents Sony's commitment to bringing its vast library of PlayStation and PSP games to the cloud and will help solve the issue of no backwards compatibility on the PlayStation 4.

Gamers will be able to rent specific titles or sign up for a monthly subscription in order to obtain access to the whole kit and caboodle.

Subscribers will be able to access PlayStation games wherever they go and, if they chose, won't even have to own a Sony console.

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