Sony confirms new next-gen games, including Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4
The PS4 opening the way to more great gaming

The PlayStation 4 has finally arrived on US (and Canadian) shores with a bunch of great games in tow. However, Sony had a few surprises up its sleeves about even more games coming in 2014.

Partnering with Spike TV an hour before the PS4 officially went on sale, Sony set hearts afire with the announcement of several new titles.

Perhaps the most anticipated of the pack is the confirmation of the latest installment to Uncharted, a PS4 exclusive game from developer Naughty Dog.

Though there's a teaser trailer, neither company gave up any more info - like if Drake will be back (and hitched to Elena?), or who that mysterious voice is beyond saying: "We can confirm that the voiceover is performed by Todd Stashwick and he will play a character in the game."

Sir Francis Drake perhaps? Who knows! Whatever happens, we at least want a cameo from Sully.

Uncharted 4 (or whatever its name will be) doesn't have a release date set yet.

Ellie front and center

Sony also announced that The Last of Us will get a DLC in the form of an Ellie-centric arc - Naughty Dog's first ever single-player DLC.

It's just another tantalizing teaser, but the companies were more willing to dish out details on the upcoming game.

The Last of Us: Left Behind focuses on gamers playing as Ellie during her time before meeting Joel in TLOU. The story will include new character Riley, Ellie's best friend and mentor from her military boarding school.

The Left Behind DLC will release in early 2014, but you can pre-order it starting November 19 from the PlayStation Store for $14.99 (about £9.31/AU$16.01).

More games headed to you next year

It may seem like the PS4 is lacking new games for the end of 2013 but hopefully the current launch list will be enough to last you through to the new year.

You can also look forward to inFamous: Second Son exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on March 21, 2014 in the US and the Destiny beta - which will also head to PS3 owners early next year.

Snake fans, rejoice: in spring next year, Metal Gear Solid V will get a mission titled "Deja Vu" that will allow gamers to play as Classic Snake on your brand new console.

Lastly, there were inklings of The Last Guardian, though nothing official - not even an estimated launch was announced.

This lineup should be enough to satiate your appetites until the Xbox One comes out November 22 with its own set of games so you can compare and gloat over which console is better. Or you can be like Microsoft and play nice.