Borderlands 3 devs want quality over quantity for its DLC

Borderlands 3
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While we've come to expect DLC (downloadable content) to extend the lifespans of blockbuster games, it seems like Borderlands 3 is changing tack.

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford replied to a fan on Twitter who asked about possible new classes coming to Borderlands 3 after launch, saying that "it might be better for us to put our time into expanding what the existing vault hunters can do".

The game isn't launching until late 2019, but the series has a reputation for colorful characters - even letting you play as an unhinged enemy Psycho in some of Borderlands 2's later DLC. 

While the 2012 entry expanded its original class list of four vault hunters, it looks like Borderlands 3's devs might try and flesh out the capabilities of the game's starting classes instead of asking players to start building new ones from the ground up.

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Never enough

DLC is increasingly the norm when it comes to AAA games. At best, it can give dedicated players more mileage out of their favorite titles; at worst, it can feel like a game's best features have been kept back for those able to pay extra.

We know Borderlands 3 will feature micro-transactions, though only for cosmetic items like weapon and character skins. 

For full-on DLC, it sounds like the four base vault hunter classes could get new abilities and skill tree options, opening up new ways to play. After spending enough time with our character, we'll probably be happy to see them do something new, though we're hoping they save some of the good stuff for the base game too...

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