How to get your photos published in magazines

Common mistakes when trying to get photos published

Common mistakes when trying to get your photos published

OK, so you've sent in your submission and you want to know what's happening.

An editor might consider a quick phone call after a couple of weeks reasonable, but most would prefer an email and none will like being harassed - that's probably the quickest way to get this and any future submission thrown out.

If you intend to send your pictures elsewhere, you need to make that clear. You must not send the same work to competing titles at the same time.

Magazines don't necessarily check with you that it's OK to use your work. They assume that what you've sent them is being offered to them exclusively.

If two magazines use the same image at the same time, you'll be unpopular.

Don't send magazines shots identical to those they've already used either!

You may have seen a dozen images by now of old wooden jetties on mirror-like lakes at dawn, but that doesn't mean you should send more.

Editors want something that's both relevant and new.

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