How to get your photos published in magazines

Making the right approach to magazine editors

How to approach magazines about publishing your photos

When approaching editors, you need to be aware that they work in a hectic environment. Phone calls aren't necessarily the best approach because the editor will often be in an open-plan office, juggling a big stack of mail on an overflowing desk and with a phone already wedged under one ear.

Email or letter is best, and make sure you include a link to or example of the best and most relevant images.

If you submit by post, send a CD including high-resolution images, plus a shot of yourself, a caption document and a thumbnail sheet.

If your submission is already complete and ready to use, it may increase the chances of getting published.

How to approach magazines about publishing your photos

Make sure that all the materials you send have your name and contact information on them, including covering letters, contact sheets, prints and CDs. These can easily become separated in a busy office - the editor might keep a covering letter, say, but pass a CD over to the art editor to take a look.

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