8 of the best Presidents' Day mattress topper deals to transform your bed, on a budget

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If you're not sleeping as well on your current mattress as you used to but it's still in generally good condition, shopping for a new one might not feel like a very attractive prospect, even with the low prices you'll find in the Presidents' Day mattress sales. Thankfully, though, there's another option if your bed is mostly in good shape but not quite as comfortable as it once was.

One of the best mattress toppers could be all you need to transform your bed's feel and give it a few extra years before you need to go on the hunt for one of the best mattresses. And the good news is that there are some great bargains to be found in the Presidents' Day sales

Whether you want to give your mattress a touch of sink-in comfort for a low price, or give it a luxurious makeover, there's an option for you. And to save you a lot of searching, I've already looked through all the top sleep brands' offerings to find the best deals. From budget picks through to high-end toppers, featuring everything from memory foam through to latex and even super-soft alpaca, there should be something for you here. Read on to discover my picks of the best Presidents' Day mattress topper deals.

Cheap topper deals

Sleep Innovations Dual Layer Topper: $109.99 $93.49 at Amazon

Sleep Innovations Dual Layer Topper: was $109.99 now from $93.49 at Amazon
Don't have a huge budget? This topper from Sleep Innovations features memory foam and a quilted top layer, and it'll add an extra four inches of comfort to your mattress at an affordable price. There's around 15% off at Amazon right now, with a queen size costing just $118.99, and our Sleep Innovations Dual Layer Mattress Topper review can tell you why it's such a good buy.

Turmerry Latex Mattress Topper: $150 $99 at Turmerry

Turmerry Latex Mattress Topper: was $150 now from $99 at Turmerry
Turmerry's latex topper comes in multiple firmness and depth options, but if you want to give your mattress a latex layer at a low price, its two-inch soft model starts at $99 and is $189 for a queen size. It's pretty basic and doesn't come with a cover, so you'll need to add a mattress protector or similar to hold it in place.

Mid-range topper deals

Puffy Deluxe Mattress Topper: $179 $152 at Puffy

Puffy Deluxe Mattress Topper: was $179 now from $152 at Puffy
You'll find the Puffy Deluxe mattress topper at the top of our best mattress toppers guide; it's 2.5" deep with two firmness options, and it'll give your mattress an extra bit of sink-in feel thanks to its memory foam. Our Puffy Deluxe Mattress Topper review has all the details; in Puffy's Presidents' Day sale there's 15% off, bringing a queen size down to $195.

Viscosoft High Density Mattress Topper: $214.95 $159.95 at Viscosoft

Viscosoft High Density Mattress Topper: was $214.95 now from $159.95 at Viscosoft
If you're a back sleeper and your mattress isn't giving you the support you need, Viscosoft's topper could be the solution. It features high-density memory foam that keeps you supported and contours to your body's shape, relieving pressure points and keeping your spine aligned at night. There's 25% off at Viscosoft and a queen will cost you $199.95.

Premium topper deals

Tempur-Adapt Topper: $319 $191.40 at Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Adapt Topper: was $319 now from $191.40 at Tempur-Pedic
We're big fans of Tempur-Pedic's topper; it's soft and supportive and if you're a side sleeper it could make just the difference you need to keep your shoulders and hips cushioned at night. See our Tempur-Adapt mattress topper review to learn why we rate it so highly. Tempur-Pedic's Presidents' Day sale takes 40% off, so you'll pay $251.40 for a queen size; that's the cheapest we ever see it on sale for.

Helix Cool Mattress Topper: $373.80 $280.30 at Helix

Helix Cool Mattress Topper: was $373.80 now from $280.30 at Helix
If you get hot in the night, this cool topper from Helix could help bring temperatures down. As well as having a cooling cover that draws heat away from your body, it features a layer of steel microcoils between its foam layers, adding contouring and support while promoting airflow and breathability. A queen size will cost you $374.10 in the Helix Presidents' Day sale, with 25% off.

Avocado Alpaca Wool Mattress Topper: $549 $494 at Avocado

Avocado Alpaca Wool Mattress Topper: was $549 now from $494 at Avocado
Most of the toppers listed here use foams of one kind or another; if you'd prefer something a little more luxurious, try this premium topper from Avocado. It's made using natural alpaca sandwiched between two layers of organic wool, giving your bed a soft but breathable final touch. For Presidents' Day Avocado is taking 10% off, and a queen size starts at $746 for the standard model; the luxury plush option is $1,196.

Adagio 2" Organic Latex Mattress Topper: $499 $399.20 at NaturepedicPRESDAY20

Adagio 2" Organic Latex Mattress Topper: was $499 now from $399.20 at Naturepedic
Naturpedic's Adagio topper is made with organic latex and gives your mattress and extra layer of pressure relief and cloud-like softness, but it doesn't come cheap. In our Naturepedic Adagio Organic Latex Mattress Topper review we found a lot to love about it, apart from its lack of straps to hold it in place. Use the PRESDAY20 code at the checkout for 20% off, bringing the price of a queen down to $599.20.

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