This exclusive Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra deal brings price down to the cheapest yet

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra handset next to the words 'Exclusive Deal'
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The de facto substitute for Samsung's defunct Note series, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is pretty much the most powerful Android on the market in 2022. But with an RRP that starts at £1,149, it's safe to say that there's no way you'd refer to this smartphone as 'cheap'.

So assuming you're happy to splash out on a Samsung S22 Ultra deal, you'll want to make sure that you're getting the best price possible. And if you're intending to get it on contract, then this new deal is the one to go for right now... and it's completely exclusive to readers of TechRadar and our sister sites.

The deal goes like this: 100GB of 5G data on the Three network with unlimited calls and texts; you pay £49 at the start; and then it's 24 monthly payments of £53 each.

No other S22 Ultra deal touches it right now...

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: at Fonehouse | Three | £49 upfront | 100GB data | unlimited calls and texts | £53/pm
None of us really wants to see monthly phone bills of over £50, but if you want a smartphone as impressive as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, then you really don't have much of a choice! These are actually the cheapest bills we've seen since release (assuming you want something more than a trifling amount of data to play with) and the upfront cost is pretty modest, too.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen

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What is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra like?

How good is the S22 Ultra? Well the short answer is that it has shot straight into the #1 slot of our guide to the world's best smartphones, right above the iPhone 13 Pro and its predecessor, the S21 Ultra.

It boasts market-leading specs pretty much every step of the way. Firstly, there's the ridiculously well kitted out camera set-up, with four lenses on the back (including a 108MP main lens) and a 40MP selfie camera. The photos we've seen taken with these bad boys rank up there with the very best snaps we've ever witnessed from a phone.

The gorgeous 6.8-inch is typical of modern Samsung smartphones, with super-crisp details, amazing colour and the smooth motion that its 120Hz capacity affords. The entry-level version has generous 128GB storage (although, oddly, no microSD slot) and throws in the handy little S Pen common to the old Note models.

If we were to quibble, we'd say that we would have liked an extra bit of battery life. But you have to remember that this is an extremely powerful piece of tech.

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