Optus is giving away a free Pixel 6a when you sign up for the Pixel 7 Pro

Google Pixel 7 Pro phone
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The fallout from the Optus data breach has been huge, and while we don’t know just how many customers have left Optus in the aftermath, it appears the telco is trying to claw customers back by giving away a free phone – but is it enough to win people over?

Optus is giving away a free Google Pixel 6a when you sign up for a Google Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro plan, and stick with the provider for at least 12 months. This is an incredibly rare deal – the Pixel 6a retails for AU$749, and you’re getting it for nothing.

The Pixel 6a is Google’s more budget-friendly alternative, while the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are the current flagship offerings. If you were to get this deal on a 24-month contract, your cheapest monthly repayments for the Pixel 7 would be AU$90.61, while the Pixel 7 Pro would set you back AU$103.12 a month

This deal is open to new and existing Optus customers, and you must stick with your chosen plan for 12, 24 or 36 months. That eligibility criteria is notable – telcos rarely offer these kinds of deals to existing customers, and they’re usually only available on the longer contracts (those that are 24 or 36 months).

Samsung Galaxy S22 available for half-price

Optus isn’t just giving away free Pixel phones to lure customers back, it’s also discounted the Samsung Galaxy S22 by 50%, bringing the price of the handset down to just AU$624.50.

The caveats to consider here is that you’ll need to pair the phone with an Optus mobile plan, and stick to it for 24 or 36 months (12-month contracts aren’t included in this deal).

If you’re willing to commit to Optus for at least 24 months, it’s a pretty great deal as it brings the price of the Samsung Galaxy S22 down to one of the lowest we’ve seen yet.

It’s hard to say whether these kinds of deals will be enough for people to overlook the damage caused to Optus’ reputation in the wake of the hack. If you’re a current Optus customer looking to cancel your plan with the provider, we have a dedicated guide detailing how to switch from Optus.

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