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You feel the absence of features that are exclusive to the Pixel 7 Pro, but what the standard Pixel 7 does offer – from its distinct design to its creative and capable camera and intelligent user experience – make it a great value-for-money flagship buy.


  • +

    Unique color options and design

  • +

    Same Tensor G2 performance as Pixel 7 Pro

  • +

    Great camera with creative features


  • -

    90Hz display feels dated at this level

  • -

    Lacks the zoom camera of the Pro

  • -

    Faster charging would be nice

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Two-minute review

Following last year's landmark Pixel 6 series, the Pixel 7 range looks like an iterative update by comparison, but it doubles down on what makes Google's phones stand out.

Like the Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 7a (head over to our Google Pixel 7a review for our verdict on the latter device), the Pixel 7 arrives with Google's latest Tensor G2 chipset, which, paired with Google's own take on an Android 13, delivers a satisfying user experience, with everyday tasks made that little bit easier.

While Google's Tensor platform doesn't usually compare all that favorably in side-by-side benchmarks with equivalent flagship processors, that's because it's built with a different focus in mind: AI and machine learning. This remains true for the new Tensor G2, and it enhances a number of facets of the Pixel 7 user experience, from camera quality to call quality, speech recognition and beyond.

Editor's note: The Pixel 7 has been succeeded by the Google Pixel 8. If you want to know how that phone fared in our testing, do go and check out our Google Pixel 8 review, and also consider reading our Google Pixel 8 Pro review

The Pixel 7 sports a design that, while divisive, feels considered and premium. The cameras sit within an imposing aluminum band that helps the phone stand out from the crowd, especially in its price range, and the smaller 6.3-inch display size and thinner bezels (compared to the Pixel 6) mean the Pixel 7 is more comfortable to hold, and more pocketable, than before.

The biggest shortcomings are most notable in areas where this phone, by design, trails behind the Pixel 7 Pro, with its slower 90Hz peak refresh rate display (versus 120Hz on the Pro) and the absence of a dedicated telephoto camera chief among them.

Even so, the user experience feels polished, the AI-supported features are unique and competent, and the promise of more functionality via forthcoming 'feature drops' mean this Pixel is only likely to get better with time.

Google Pixel 7 price and availability

Google Pixel 7 review with Pixel Buds Pro and Pixel Watch

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  • Announced October 6, on sale October 13
  • Prices start at $599 / £599 / AU$999
  • Same pricing as the Pixel 6

The Google Pixel 7 made its way to pre-order following its October 6 launch, and started shipping as of October 13. The device starts at $599 / £599 / AU$999, which Google rightly points out is $100 less than the latest iPhone 14 and marries up with the price of its predecessor, 2021's Google Pixel 6. In select markets, Google also offered up the new Pixel Watch as a pre-order bonus.

The pricing above is for the base 128GB storage model, but there's also a 256GB variant that's priced at $699 / £699 / AU$1,129. Unlike the iPhone 14 (and 14 Plus), there's no 512GB storage option – for that you'll have to move to the pricier Pixel 7 Pro, although the 512GB variant of that phone is only available in the US and Australia, and not the UK. The Pixel 7a, by comparison, retails for $499 / £449 / AU$749 in one storage variation: 128GB.

There's also no power adapter in the box with vanilla Pixel 7 (another change introduced with the Pixel 6 series), meaning that if you want the fastest-possible charging for your Pixel 7 (21W) – and if you're keeping it in the family – you'll have to pay Google (from) an additional $25 / £25 / AU$45 for its compatible 30W USB-C adapter.

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  • Value score: 4/5

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