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Android 13: features, supported phones, everything we know so far

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Android 13 'Tiramisu' was announced at Google IO 2022, showcasing refinements in its design, improvements to notifications, and more.

Google has been focusing on security for this year's keynote, and Android 13 applies the same focus, with a shoutout to RCS, a text messaging standard, and wallet improvements.

The finished Android 13 version hasn't yet launched, but it should do soon, with September looking likely, and ahead of that various Android 13 public betas have landed for Pixel phones, and you can see if your device is eligible by going to the Android beta (opens in new tab) webpage.

Below, you'll find details of all the key features of Android 13, along with information on exactly when the finished version is likely to land, and which devices will be compatible with it.

Latest news

Google has virtually confirmed that Android 13 will land in September (opens in new tab).

Android 13 release date

An image showing the Android 13 roadmap

(Image credit: Google)

We're almost certain Android 13 will land in September, and there are a few reasons for that. First of all, the image above shows Google's official roadmap for Android 13, and you can see based on the spacing of the updates that the final launch looks as though it's aimed for September - though that month isn't specifically named.

But it has been named in some Google security update notes, which mention that Android 13 will run the September 2022 security patch by default. Given that Google releases these patches monthly, that in itself suggests a September launch for Android 13.

Plus, while Android 12 landed in October 2021, the previous two Android versions landed in September of their release years.

We're not sure exactly which day Android 13 will land on, but the most likely date is perhaps September 6, as Google tends to launch new versions on the first Monday of a month. That would be September 5, but that falls on Labor Day, so September 6 is the first working day after that.

Android 13 supported devices

Android 13 Beta supported devices

(Image credit: Google)

Android has a reputation for not making it easy to update your phone to the latest version. Part of it is due to the different manufacturers on how they have designed Android to match a brand, such as Samsung.

But with Google releasing a new Pixel phone every year, these usually come with the latest Android version. Indeed, Google has already confirmed that the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will run Android 13.

The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro meanwhile support the Android 13 public beta, so they will almost definitely work with the finished software, as will older models from at least the Pixel 4 onwards, as they all support the beta too.

These will be among the first devices to get Android 13, but other manufacturers usually follow after a few weeks or months of testing and putting their own spin on the new Android release, but in many cases these phones likely won't get Android 13 until the first half of the next year.

Android 13 features

A screengrab from Google IO 2022

(Image credit: Future)

There's plenty of refinements for Material You, Android's theme in Android 13, with music controls on your lock screen to adapt to the colors you've chosen, alongside a bigger focus on security.

Earthquake warnings are being improved, with full-screen alerts to better describe the situation alongside useful ways to get to safety. There are also a few other significant features, detailed below.

Handing off

We were hoping that Google would be inspired from Apple's Handoff feature, and it looks as though our wish was heard.

You can hand off your images and media to a Google product, or an Android tablet. There's also 'Fast Pair', which can better pair your devices together in a much quicker way.

Google Wallet

A screengrab from Google IO 2022

(Image credit: Future)

Google Wallet is a redesign of Google Pay, where it stores your payment cards, alongside event tickets, parking passes, vaccine cards, health insurance cards, flight passes, and lots more.

It's the one-stop-shop for Android 13 users, with the aim to replace the wallet that you've been carrying around your pocket for years.

There's also plans for a digital driver's license in the US, debuting later in 2022.

Google also announced a focus for Android 13 is being tailored for tablets and foldable devices, which could hint toward a Pixel Fold.

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