The best iPhone XS deals and prices in August 2019

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You can now pick up the new iPhone XS, and as we expected, these just-released iPhones are the most expensive phones Apple has ever released. While the base price of $999 is the same as the introductory cost of last year's iPhone X, this line tops out at $1,449 for the 512GB version of the XS Max. The smaller iPhone XS is priced at $999 for 64GB, $1,149 for 256GB, and $1,349 for 512GB, while the iPhone XS Max will cost $1,099 for 64GB, $1,249for 256GB, and $1,449 for 512GB. 

If you're looking for 5.8-inch iPhone XS, you'll find a pretty regular price across all US carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. And while Apple isn't sweetening the deal to buy its newest iPhone with any discounts, the US carriers are.

We'll be listing new iPhone XS Max deals as they pop up so be sure to check back. in the meantime, look for US carriers to offer discounts for old iPhone trade-ins or switching to their network from a rival.

Here are the deals we've found on the iPhone XS so far. Given how new the phone is and Apple's reluctance for discounts, we might not see much of a drop for some time.

Verizon iPhone XS deals

Verizon is the No. 1 network in the US, with a robust signal and a lot of subscribers – and for good reason. It'll pair nicely with the speedy iPhone XS, but expect to pay dearly for it. However, it is offering $700 off a second (eligible) phone with the purchase any iPhone XS, XS Max, X, 8, or 8+ on a Verizon device payment plan. 

iPhone XS price at Verizon

iPhone XS Max price at Verizon

AT&T iPhone XS deals

AT&T and Apple go way back to the first iPhone, so it's natural to see them here with the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus at launch. AT&T offers a 30-month installment plan, and like Verizon, $700 off a second phone when you purchase a qualifying phone and sign up for the AT&T Next wireless plan.

iPhone XS price at AT&T

iPhone XS Max price at AT&T

T-Mobile iPhone XS deals

T-Mobile is one of the cheapest providers out there when it comes to data plans, and it's doing something a bit different when it comes to selling the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. It's asking for a downpayment on most of its plans. This means that your monthly payments will be a bit more digestible. It's also offering up to $390 for your trade-in.

iPhone XS price at T-Mobile

iPhone XS Max price at T-Mobile

Sprint iPhone XS deals

Sprint and T-Mobile haven't merged yet and more competition means better iPhone XS deals. If you're not on the Sprint network, you can net some serious cash by switching over to America's No. 4 carrier, including the 64GB iPhone XS essentially for free with an eligible trade-in and commitment to an 18-month lease.

iPhone XS price at Sprint

iPhone XS Max price at Sprint

Where can I buy the Apple iPhone XS?

The links above cover the best options to buy an iPhone XS and we've also rounded up the latest options from a range of providers in our comparison chart below. SIM-free or unlocked stock is proving remarkably hard to get a hold of lately, although we're sure that'll change the closer we get to the Holidays.

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