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The best iPhone 11 deals and 11 Pro deals for October 2020

best iPhone 11 deals prices
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Looking for the best iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro deals? We've got news - the newest iPhone 12 deals just dropped last week heralding not just a fancy new iPhone to play around with, but much lower pricing on the older models, including the iPhone 11. We've curated our favorite iPhone 11 deals just below including offers from both top retailers and unlocked retailers, so regardless of what kind of device you're looking for - you'll have great options.

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Interestingly, Apple iPhone 11 deals are actually cheaper than you might think. Now we've got that fancy new iPhone 12 is here, Apple has now reduced its price down just $599 - a whole $100 cheaper than its original launch price. Recent launches from Google and stiff competition from the likes of Samsung and others has also meant the big carriers are eager to cough up some big discounts.

Unlocked deals hunters especially should check out Apple's fantastic trade-in program, which can give you a straight $200 discount on a brand new iPhone 11, or in the case of the iPhone 11 Pro - up to $280 off. It's not just Apple which is hot on the trade-in deals either, if you're willing to switch or trade-in your old phone you can often get discounts of up to $550 right now at Verizon, and in the case of the iPhone 11 Pro, sometimes all the way up to $1,000.

The Apple iPhone 11 features a 6.1-inch LCD display, while the iPhone 11 Pro comes with a Super Retina XDR OLED display in either a 5.8-inch or 6.5-inch size. The iPhone 11 and 11 Pro both have updated camera hardware with a Wide and new Ultra-Wide camera on the back of the iPhone 11 and Wide, Ultra Wide and Telephoto cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro. The battery received an upgrade with Apple stating that the iPhone 11 provides a one hour longer battery life compared to the XR, and the Pro offering four more hours of battery life when compared to the XS.

The best iPhone 11 deals

Apple iPhone 11: $23.34 $5/month at AT&T with a new unlimited plan and trade-in
AT&T's latest round of iPhone 11 deals are absolutely fantastic this week and could just be the best we've ever seen. Pick up an iPhone 11 today with a new unlimited plan to cut your monthly bill all the way down to just $10 a month. Want to go even further? Trade-in an eligible old device and bring it down to just $5 a month - great value.
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Apple iPhone 11: $24.99/month at Verizon
For the first time in a long while, there are no iPhone 11 deals at Verizon this week. It's disappointing for sure, but due to the fact iPhone 12 deals are landing right now at Verizon, it's definitely understandable. Our general thoughts are Verizon might have some big plans for the iPhone 11 over Black Friday.... So stay tuned.

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Apple iPhone 11: $699 $389 with eligible trade-in at Apple
Price drop:
thanks to the release of the brand new iPhone 12, Apple itself has cut the upfront price on a brand new iPhone 11 by a whole $100. What's more, if you're trading in an old device you can save yourself up to another $210 upfront - that's an incredible price for such a powerful device.

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Apple iPhone 11: free charging bundle plus $150 MasterCard at Visible
Visible are throwing in some freebies right now for every customer who switches over to their excellent prepaid unlimited plan. Right now with every iPhone 11 you'll get a free Nimble charging bundle, plus a free prepaid $150 MasterCard - pretty great gifts if you were thinking about switching anyway.
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Apple iPhone 11: $699 $449 at PureTalkUSA
You'll be eligible for a $250 discount on all iPhone 11 deals over at PureTalkUSA right now if you pick one up with an Unlimited or 20GB data plan. Altogether this is one the cheapest ways to get your hands on a new Apple flagship plus get great coverage, thanks to the AT&T network PureTalk uses.
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The best iPhone 11 Pro deals

iPhone 11 Pro: save $350, plus up to $850 with eligible trade-in at Verizon
If you're out for that prime iPhone 11 Pro deal then you can definitely do a lot worse than the panoply of offers available this week at Verizon. Up for grabs is a flat $350 discount for online shoppers only, which cuts that monthly bill right down to just $27, plus a secondary trade-in offer - which can score you up to a $850 discount.
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iPhone 11 Pro: save $800 with trade-in and new unlimited plan AT&T
AT&T's iPhone 11 Pro deals are back this week with a tantalizing trade-in deal for all upgraders and new users alike. Trade-in that old phone and pick up an iPhone 11 Pro with a new unlimited plan to score yourself up to $800 off your phone bill over 30 months, not bad.
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Apple iPhone 11 Pro: free charging bundle and $200 MasterCard at Visible
Visible always have freebies for switchers, and this week's no exception. Right now if you're coming over to Visible they'll throw in a free prepaid $200 MasterCard with every purchase, plus a free Nimble charging bundle, not bad considering this is one of the best prepaid services around.
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Apple iPhone 11 Pro: $999 $749 at PureTalkUSA
A $250 discount is up for grabs right now at PureTalk with every iPhone 11 Pro deal purchased with an unlimited or 20GB data plan. This beats out most unlocked prices as well as those from the big carriers, making it one of the very cheapest ways to own and run a flagship device right now. PureTalk uses the AT&T network, so coverage is also great.
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The best iPhone 11 Pro Max deals

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max: save up to $850 with eligible trade-in at Verizon
There are no switching offers available for the iPhone 11 Pro Max at Verizon this week but big phone fans can still trade-in that old device for a hefty discount. Up to $850 off over 24 months is up for grabs if you trade-in and pick up one of these powerful phones with a new unlimited data plan.
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Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max: save $800 with trade-in and new unlimited plan AT&T
AT&T's amazing 11 Pro Max switching offer has expired this week but no worries - its replacement deal is almost as good, and much better for upgraders. Trade-in your old device and pick up an 11 Pro Max this week at AT&T with a new unlimited plan and score up to $800 off your phone bill over 30 months.
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