BT's ultrafast Full Fibre 500 broadband is now just £34.99 a month and comes with a £50 reward card

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In the market for a top broadband deal with ultrafast speeds? Look no further than this great broadband package from BT. 

BT is currently offering its mighty Full Fibre 500 broadband package for just £34.99 a month when you sign a 24-month contract. This is down from the original price of £47.99 a month. What's more, there aren't any upfront fees to pay and if you sign up using our link before March 28, you can get a £50 BT Reward Card as well.

With this particular tariff, you get huge average download speeds of 500Mbps, plus upload speeds of 73Mbps and a 425Mbps 'stay fast guarantee' for added peace of mind. As such, this package can comfortably handle the online demands of pretty much any household. In fact, BT claims you can 'stream and download as much as you like' with this deal.

The BT Reward Card will be sent to you virtually/via email once your broadband is up and running. It can also be redeemed at any retailers that accept Mastercards online or over the phone.

You only have until March 28 to make the most of this offer. Another caveat is that you can only get the deal if you have access to BT's Full Fibre network, but you can check this directly with them when you look to sign up. Lastly, Xbox owners can get a bonus six-month Game Pass for free - although this will only apply if you have this particular console!

This week's best BT Broadband deal

BT Broadband | Full Fibre 500 | £34.99 p/m | 500Mbps average download speeds | No upfront fees | 24 month contract | £50 Reward Card | 6 months Xbox Game Pass

BT Broadband <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank">| Full Fibre 500 | £34.99 p/m | 500Mbps average download speeds | No upfront fees | 24 month contract | £50 Reward Card | 6 months Xbox Game Pass
You can get BT's speedy and dependable 'Full Fibre 500' for just £34.99 a month, which is down from £47.99 a month. It's a 24-month contract, you get huge average download speeds of 500Mbps and you don't have to pay any upfront fees. Better still, if you sign up with our link you can get a £50 BT Reward Card and a six-month Xbox Game Pass for free. This offer is only available until March 28 and you also need to be connected to BT's Full Fibre network to access this particular package. 

Why choose BT Broadband?

As well as the great deals you can get from BT - such as the one we've featured above - there are many other great reasons why you should choose BT Broadband for your home broadband connection. After all, it is one of the most popular broadband providers for consumers in the UK.

One of the biggest positives is that its broadband packages can suit pretty much every personal need, from its slower 36Mbps fibre packages, right the way up to its top range 900Mbps tariff. When you add the fact that its broadband is also delivered through the dependable Openreach network, you can count on a reliable broadband connection for your home.

Another big draw is, of course, its broadband and TV bundles. BT rivals the likes of Sky and Virgin Media in this respect in that it has a wealth of channel options, which can again suit almost any viewing needs. Whether it's all the free-to-air channels, or movie and sport selections, BT will have you covered. What's more, you can even get access to other popular streaming services through BT.

Where BT can face some criticism is with cost, as it can sit at the more expensive end of the broadband market if you're not making the most of a deal. However, if you want to see how BT does compare to other providers - whether it's regarding cost or not - we can help. Simply check out our best broadband deals guide, or enter your postcode into the widget below. 

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