CES 2016: All the news, reviews and videos from Las Vegas

The biggest tech show of the year is all wrapped up

CES 2016 is in the books, but our coverage will continue as we bring you more hands-on reviews and videos from the show.

To catch up on everything that happened last week, read on for all the news, hands-on reviews and videos we gathered up during our time in Las Vegas. You can also head to pages 2 and 3 for all the news that landed in the days leading up to CES 2016.

This is your one-stop shop for all things CES 2016. Be sure to check out the CES 2016 gadgets that will steal the show, plus our personal picks for the most anticipated products.

Cut to the chase

What is it?

The biggest consumer tech show of 2016

When is it?

Officially January 6 - 9, with pre-show events January 4 - 5, too

Where is it?

Las Vegas, Nevada

Why is it such a big deal?

Samsung, Sony, LG and hundreds more show off the next generation of must-have tech

Techradar's Editors' Choice CES 2016 Awards

We've seen some amazing stuff at this year's CES, so it was a challenge to pick out the tech that truly blew us away. But after much deliberation and asking you, our readers, to help, we have picked techradar's Editors' Choice CES 2016 awards!

Our Best in Show Award went to the HTC Vive Pre, while the Razer Blade Stealth took home the People's Choice prize. The Chevy Bolt drove away with Best Car Tech, and the Fitbit Blaze ran off with Best Fitness Tech. We've got the complete list of winners in the link below. Thanks to everyone who voted!

The Road to CES

Because a road trip is always more fun than flying, our own Tuan Huynh and Matt Swider, techradar's respective auto and mobile editors, booked it to Las Vegas in a Mercedes-Benz S550.

They brought along a shooter to document their adventure (and just in case they need video evidence should they have any run-ins with Johnny Law), and chronicled their journey in the teched-to-the-teeth Benz.

Tuan even let the S550 do some of the driving, but just some. Check out how it all went down:

More CES 2016 videos:

Here are the latest CES 2016 developments:

Oculus Rift in the box

Ford Sync Alexa

Kodak Super 8 camera

Lenovo ThinkPad


Ehang drone

Huawei Watch Jewel

Gold Nexus 6P

Razer Blade Stealth


UHDP Panosonic


Vive Pre

Huawei watch

Ford Sync

Nikon D5

Farraday Future



Parrot drone

Samsung Smart Hub

LG rollable OLED


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