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Camera rumors 2020: the biggest and best camera rumors around

Sony A6600
(Image credit: Sony)

The global pandemic hasn't slowed down a wave of new camera launches, and the latest rumors suggest that 2020 will continue to be an incredibly exciting one for photography fans. 

While recent headlines have been dominated by blockbuster launches like the Canon EOS R5 and Sony A7S III, it seems the likes of Nikon and Sony will now switch their focus to the more affordable end of the market. Which will come as a big relief to hobbyists who can't justify spending thousands on a new camera body, as tempting as it is.

Several new mirrorless models are expected to arrive later this year, including travel-friendly APS-C cameras and entry-level full-framers for those who are looking to step up from their DSLR.

The DSLR is far from dead, either. As new models such as the Nikon D780 and Canon 1DX Mark III show, one of the big trends is a move towards ‘hybrid’ cameras that bring mirrorless tricks to the more traditional DSLR setup – and we'll likely see more of the same later in 2020.

What are the latest camera rumors we’ve heard this year? And how has the pandemic affected schedules? Using our knowledge of traditional refresh rates for certain model lines, as well as the latest leaks gleaned from industry insiders and internet sources, we’ve created this round-up of the latest camera rumors for each manufacturer. We’ll keep it regularly updated as news comes in, so make sure to check back for analysis on the most exciting photographic tools we can expect to see in the latter end of 2020.

Camera rumors 2020

Canon rumors 2020 

Canon went big with the dual launch of the full-frame Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6. But the latest rumors suggest its smaller EOS M will be next in line for some love, possibly with two new models.

Nikon rumors 2020 

Nikon recently announced the beginner-friendly Nikon Z5, which is a junior sibling to the Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7. But could the latter be getting minor updates later this year? And will we see a higher-end Nikon Z8 to complete the full-frame set?

Sony rumors 2020 

The long-awaited Sony A7S III is finally here, but will an update to the Sony A7 III be next in the full-frame pipeline? Or will Sony instead release a more affordable equivalent called the Sony A5?

Fujifilm rumors 2020

Fujifilm's big announcement so far this year has been the Fujifilm X-T4, which arrived in February 2020. But with Fujifilm stating that this isn't the end of the line for its X-H series, will we soon see a Fujifilm X-H2? And could Instax also add new stars to its line of instant cameras?  

Panasonic rumors 2020

Panasonic's most recent camera release was the cute, vlogging-friendly Panasonic G100. But it sounds like pro videographers could soon be treated to the Panasonic GH6...

Olympus rumors 2020

With Olympus dropping the bombshell that it's exiting the camera business at the end of 2020, will there actually be any new Olympus cameras this year after the arrival of the new OM-D E-M10 Mark IV?