Ring ups its security with array of new smart home devices announced at CES

After getting started with a camera-equipped doorbell that allowed you to remotely keep tabs on your front door, smart home company Ring is expanding further into home security. 

New for this year's CES are a pair of cameras, the Stick Up Cam and the Stick Up Cam Elite. The new version of the Stick Up Cam features a 1080p camera, and two-way audio, while the Stick Up Cam Elite includes a Wi-Fi port for a more reliable connection. 

Along with the two new cameras the company has also announced a number of motion-activated lights that will integrate with the wider Ring ecosystem which will soon include the Ring Alarm system

Despite some concerns over the cost of the Ring Video Doorbell 2's online video storage, we've generally been impressed by Ring products over the years.

Although the company's promise to integrate with Apple HomeKit is still MIA (the feature was supposed to launch in 2017 but didn't make it), it already offers integration with other smart home ecosystems like IFTTT and Alexa. 

The Alexa integration is particularly interesting, as it allows you to broadcast your Ring's camera feed to the Amazon Echo Show or Fire TV's screen. Fingers crossed this same functionality comes to the new cameras. 

Jon Porter

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