Sony launches rugged Bloggie Sport for Full HD video

Water, dust and shockproof camcorder

Sony's latest addition to the Bloggie camcorder range is the Bloggie Sport, a rugged little video camera ideal for filming, well, sports.

Perhaps it's extreme sports you're into - Sony's thought of that, making the Bloggie Sport water-, dust- and shockproof so even if you tell it that it was adopted, it should be fine.

You can also drop it from a height of 1.5m, if you fancy it.


Movie recording is available in Full HD, with a number of different modes including Lite (non-HD, for smaller files) and HD Sports for fast-moving subjects.

The Sony lens offers a 4.50mm (1/4.0) Exmor CMOS sensor, while 4x digital zoom and 4GB of internal memory round out the package (that's enough for two hours of HD video, according to Sony).

The 6.7cm LCD display is touch-enabled, and the camcorder weighs 148g, which shouldn't weigh you down too much when you're on the track or the pitch or whatever.

No official word on a Sony Bloggie Sport UK release date or price yet, but expect it to be fairly wallet-friendly when it does arrive.


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