Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price: how much does it cost?

Update: New Note 8 price details have been added, so you can get the phone with extras like a Gear 360 camera, or memory card and fast wireless charger combo.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8's price is big, just like it's epic 6.3-inch display size. But, thankfully, there are ways to get more for what you pay for in the US and UK.

Brace yourself for the costly total. But that's expected given the fact that the Note 8 has souped-up specs, a dual lens camera, a bigger display and an S Pen.

Here's how much it costs so you don't overpay for the Note 8.

Note 8 price in the US

The Galaxy Note 8 price in the US unlocked is $929 through the official Samsung store, and it then varies by carrier. You won't find a cheap Galaxy Note 8, but you can get a more valuable bundle.

We recommend this version, as it's unlocked, devoid of unwanted carrier apps, and is bundled with various extras. It's also cheaper than through some carriers. While T-Mobile's starting price is $930, Verizon's is $960.

You can buy the Note 8 with a Samsung Gear 360 camera or a microSD card and fast wireless charger bundle. These pre-order promotions last just 15 days after the phone release date on September 15. This will ease the high price a little bit.

It's not going to save you money, but it does increase the value and having two bundle options instead of one is ideal in case you already have a 360 camera.

Did you own the recalled Galaxy Note 7 and now have a replacement device? If you wish upgrade, Samsung is offering up to $425 in savings on the Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 UK price

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 UK price is £869 and harder to swallow when you realize that's $1,114 in the US. At least you can get a dual-SIM Note 8 in the UK through the Samsung store, which is great for international travel.

Also sweetening this particular Note 8 price in the UK is the fact that it comes bundled with a DeX station for seamless on-the-go productivity.

Note 8's 6GB of RAM and Samsung DeX's workstation features turn your phone and any HDMI monitor into a plug-and-play PC experience. It makes Samsung's high price a little more reasonable.