The best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 deals in the US

Now is the best time to find new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 deals as it's been out for a month and you don't want to pay a lot of money to buy this phone in the US.

Both Samsung and American carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint are charging a bundle for the 6.3-inch 'Infinity Display' phone, and now the pre-order extra are all gone.

What eases the pain is the fact that Samsung is charging $929 instead of $959, which some carriers are asking for when buying the phone.

It also offers $50 discounts on accessories, like the Dex Workstation and  the Gear S3 Frontier smartwatch with any Note 8 purchase. Best of all, there are also several trade-in deals offering as much as $300.

Previous deals, which, sadly, have expired.

You won't find a real Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price drop for a few months, outside of maybe Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and those are have terms and conditions like Buy One Get One Free, phone trade-ins or new active lines.

What are the current best Note 8 prices and bundles? We've listed the ones we after launch day and will keep it updated as we approach the Christmas season.

Note 8 with a free Gear 360 camera

Our favorite Samsung Galaxy Note 8 deal is the one that comes with the free Samsung Gear 360 camera. It takes 360-degree videos and photos and syncs with your brand new smartphone via Bluetooth.

This is a limited promotional offer if you order the phone today and it lasts until 30 days after Note 8 pre-orders begin.

How much do you save? $229, as that's the full retail price of the Samsung Gear 360 camera. Not too shabby for a phone that just came out and a 360 camera that's only six months old.

Note 8 with a free 128GB microSD card, wireless charger

Maybe you won't ever capture 360 video, or maybe you already have a Gear 360 camera. That's okay, there's another Note 8 deal dubbed "the Galaxy Foundation kit."

It comes with a Samsung 128GB EVO+ memory card and Fast Wireless Charging Convertible, according to Samsung, and it retails for $189.98. Not as valuable, but essential if you use up a lot of internal storage space and battery life.