Palm's fortunes still falling in spite of Pre success

Another quarter of red ink

Palm has announced another quarter of losses - the eighth in succession - despite the initial success of the Palm Pre, launched earlier this year.

The company also told journalists that it will be dumping Microsoft's Windows Mobile OS in favour of solely focusing on webOS, its proprietary platform.

On a conference call, CEO Jon Rubenstein admitted that Palm has made four times the losses compared to the same point last year, but the company has sold 823,000 handsets in the last quarter (mainly made up of Pre sales), beating analysts' expectations of 700,000 - 800,000.

Healthy belief

And despite running at such a huge loss, there is still a healthy belief that Palm will turn around its fortunes in the coming months, with the launch of the Pixi adding to the stable of webOS devices.

Palm has yet to ship the Pre to extended markets beyond North America, with the UK expected to receive the handset in the next month or two, exclusively on O2.

There's no word on whether the Pixi will be joining the Pre over here in 2009, but if Palm wants to start selling enough units to make it back into the black.



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