LG Fantasy - new fancy Windows Phone spotted

4-inch Mango smartphone in spy shot

It seems LG isn't out of the Windows Phone race just yet, as another handset has emerged running the Mango 7.5 version of the OS.

The LG Fantasy has appeared over on the XDA Developers Forum, with one of the contributors posting pictures of the alleged new handset.

He was apparently sold it by a Romanian tester, and claims it has a 4-inch IPS display although we're not getting anything else on the spec front just yet.

Ready for the launch

However we shouldn't be forced to wait too long for the new handset, with the poster stating that the LG Fantasy release date is set for Q1 2012 - who's willing to put a bet on the Fantasy making an appearance at CES or MWC?

Or it could just be a prototype phone that will never see the light of day, but it was mentioned in the July line-up leakc so seems to at least be grounded in reality.

Anyway, just sit back, crack open the Limoncello and enjoy Christmas while ruminating on the future of Windows Phone... our little present to you.

Via WMPowerUser


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