Huawei P9 mobile phone deals: save £50 with voucher code MOBILESP9

Get the Huawei P9 free upfront with 6GB data for £31 per month

huawei P9 deal has teamed up with Vodafone to offer a secret saving on Huawei's latest flagship Android smartphone, the P9.

Using the voucher code MOBILESP9 you can, for the next two weeks, get the Huawei P9 for free instead of paying a £50 upfront fee, and it all comes with a super good value contract as well.

The tariff on this deal includes 6GB of data from Vodafone, with unlimited calls and unlimited texts for £31 per month. That's superb value if you're looking for a good smartphone with lots of data - very few people would need more data than that.

The cheapest SIM only deal with 6GB data costs £15 from iD which means you're effectively paying £384 for the phone over the course of the two year contract which is excellent value.

Techradar reviewed the Huawei P9 last week and gave it a solid 4 stars out of 5 and noted its "gorgeous design" as well as its powerful processor and dual cameras.

Huawei P9 deal in full:

Here's a recap of the deal:


Huawei P9 | £50 FREE upfront | Unlimited calls and texts | 6GB data | £31 per month
This is an excellent phone with a very attractive saving. Use the voucher code MOBILESP9 to get the phone for free upfront instead of £50, then get 6GB data and unlimited everything else for £31 per month. Usually you'd only get a maximum of 3GB data for £31 with a flagship phone so it's a great value tariff. Total cost over 24 months is £744

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Voucher code: MOBILESP9