Google Android phone emerges

HTC's Dream passes through the FCC

The long-awaited Android phone may soon debut after the FCC gave its approval to an HTC handset dubbed the 'Dream'.

The chaps over at Engadget have dug up info on the forthcoming Dream phone, and it looks mightily similar to the one featured in the video we reported on last week.

We note that it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (shocker), as well as a jogball. This suggests that it will be like one of those BlackBerry devices you see people fiddling around with on the train.

3G wahey!

It's going to operate on 3G networks, which will be a relief to many hoping that Google and others will get this one spot-on from the word go.

The open-source possibilities of a Google-fronted project are seemingly endless, and could spell an end to the linear and locked down mobile platforms we're used to.

If this FCC ruling is successful, it's likely to be 2-3 months until a release. Those of you hoping that Father Christmas might reward your good behaviour with an HTC might yet be pleasantly surprised.



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