HP TouchPad webOS 3.0.4 update rolls out

Brings new features and improved performance

HP has rolled out an update for its TouchPad tablet – with webOS 3.0.4 bringing a few neat additions to the functionality.

Although the company has scrapped the tablet, webOS is not being entirely written off and updates are still being rolled out.

That's good news for those people who picked up a sub £100 TouchPad – with major retailers flogging the slate for bargain basement prices to a mass of delighted customers.


The new functionality for HP TouchPad, granted by an over-the-air update, includes a new camera app for photos and video, and support for OGG Vorbins music files.

A key addition is the ability to pair your TouchPad to non-webOS phones so you can answer calls from your tablet and pairing for non-webOS Bluetooth keyboards has been 'streamlined'.

Online/offline messaging status support is also listed in the new features list.

Last, but not least, HP suggests that users will see major improvements to performance, tweaks to the interface and 'other enhancements', including support for accelerometer, events in Flash and 'a more robust' Skype offering.


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