iPhone control coming to Google TV

Find programmes using voice and Android phones too

Google has confirmed that it will be integrating mobile phone control for forthcoming GoogleTV, and not just using Android phones.

Britney Bohnet, product marketing manager for Google said: "You'll be able to use your Android phone or iPhone as remote control and will be able to control [Google TV] using just your voice.

"Can you imagine searching for a channel using your voice? That's all going to be possible in just a few months."

Still no UK release date

While there's still no definitive UK release date for Google TV, Google is putting a lot of effort into it, including offering up applications as well:

"Soon we'll be bringing tens of thousands of the same apps you can get on your mobile phone to your TV, launching support for Android market in early 2011," added Bohnet.

CEO Eric Schmidt and other members of the Google team were speaking at the IFA closing keynote, where Google TV and improved voice search were shown off.

Google also confirmed it will be offering voice search for StreetView soon as well, on top of confirming that real time Voice Translation will be added to the Google Mobile suite in 'the next few months'.


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