Google Pixel phone deal: save £50 with this Cyber Monday discount

Save £50 on Google's latest flagship smartphone

UPDATE: This deal has now expired. But if you still want to get the Google handset, head on over to our Google Pixel deals page.

Cyber Monday is just as good a time to buy a new phone as Black Friday. The only difference is that these phone deals expire at midnight on Monday so you're running out of time to bag a smartphone bargain!

We've already posted Cyber Monday deals on the iPhone 7 as well as on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Now we bring you a £50 discount on Google's awesome Pixel smartphone

This deal expires late on Monday after which the price will go back up, so don't delay if you like the look of it! We've compared it against the market and it's definitely the best deal out there right now.

Cyber Monday Google Pixel deal:

Google Pixel 32GB |  £175 £125 upfront |Unlimited calls and texts | 6GB data | £24 per month
Use the voucher code BLACKNOV50 to bag a Cyber Monday deal on Google's best smartphone and save £50 while you do it. £125 is not the cheapest upfront price, but it balances out beautifully next to the small monthly fee of £24, for which you get 6GB data on Vodafone, as well as unlimited call and texts. This is the best deal you'll find on the Google Pixel this year and it expires at midnight on Monday!  You will be able to keep your number with this deal - just ask your current network for a PAC code which you can then give to EE and your number will be swapped over.  Total cost over 24 months is £701

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Voucher code: BLACKNOV50