Best cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus deals in the US for February 2018


At this point, there's no excuse for paying full retail price for a new Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. The phone has been out for a while, and that means you should get a great Galaxy S8 Plus deal.

We want to make finding those deals a lot easier for you, whether you plan to get your new phone from a mobile carrier or from an online retailer. We've sniffed around to find the best Galaxy S8 Plus discounts and promotions, so you can shop knowing you're getting the best deal.

The best way to get the new Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus on a discount is to explore the links below and enjoy one of the best smartphones we've seen yet.

The best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus deals

You can take an installment plan or snag a carrier deal, just don't pay a full $850 for a Galaxy S8 Plus. There are much better deals available right here. We'll take a look first at the deal that offers the lowest price for you to walk away with a new Galaxy S8 Plus without any other stipulations.

The Galaxy S8 Plus is $639 on eBay right now. This is for the 64GB US version, which is powered by a Snapdragon 835 chipset. The phone comes unlocked, so it supports a variety of mobile carriers. It comes with a 90-day warranty. Stock is limited, so this deal may not last long.

Newegg is selling the International Galaxy S8 Plus for $679 which beats the price you'd pay to get a Galaxy S8 Plus from a carrier. It's also throwing in a free Samsung Activity Tracker. One key thing to note here is that the International version isn't exactly the same as the US version, as it features a different chipset. You'll want to confirm it will work with your carrier before you choose this model. This deal doesn't come with a warranty, so you may consider looking for a 3rd-party warranty or see what coverage your credit card may offer.

Samsung has a cheap Galaxy S8 Plus for $524.99 if you've got another phone to trade-in. Samsung will offer up-to $300 in trade-in value for a used phone in good working condition. The discount depends on the phone being traded in though, but many of the previous generation of smartphones are worth over $200 as a trade-in.

Amazon has a the international Galaxy S8 Plus for $709 in limited stock. This is a good price, but this deal is likely to sell out quick. Also, though the listing says it is the International model, the listed specs mention a Snapdragon 835 chipset, which hints that it may actually be the US model. If the difference doesn't concern you, this is a good price for either version. 

AT&T has cheaper monthly prices for the S8 Plus with some strings attached, like it takes 30 months to fully get out of your contract. For some people, that's worth it. Others will want to opt for the more industry standard 24 months. The S8 Plus also comes with freebies or can be purchased with a buy-one-get-one deal for the Galaxy S8.

T-Mobile will discount $750 off a Galaxy S8 Plus when it's purchased with another Galaxy S8 Plus. It's almost a BOGO deal, except that the full price is $850 at T-Mobile. If you need to buy two, this is still a good deal.

Sprint has a cheap installment plan for the Galaxy S8 Plus, with a $0 down payment the first month and $17.71 in monthly payments over the course of 18 months, but users can upgrade to a new phone after 12 payments. If you just want to get your hands on an S8 Plus now for very little, this is a great deal. You can keep the phone at the end of the lease by paying the remaining price. Fortunately, the 50% discount to the lease works as a credit, so it doesn't mean you'll just pay more at the end of the lease.

Verizon offers a discount on a second Galaxy phone with the purchase of a Galaxy S8 Plus. The deal requires a new line of service and a qualifying trade-in of an old phone. What you get is one Galaxy S8 Plus at full price ($840) and a free Galaxy S8 or a second Galaxy S8 Plus for $3.50 for 24 months.

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