Best cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 deals in the US for November 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S8 deals are finally making our top smartphone pick more affordable in November than when it first launched eight months ago.

That's because Samsung and carriers like Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have been discounting the Android phone, and you can even get an unlocked version through online retailers like Amazon, Newegg and Samsung's own website. 

$574 is the best Galaxy S8 deal of the year, hands down
If you're looking to pick up the best (unlocked) flagship smartphone of 2017, you'd best act quick to snatch one up with Amazon's amazing deal. $200 off its original asking price is simply too good to pass up.View Deal

Some of the best deals on Samsung's flagship Galaxy phone come from AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and even Verizon through Buy One Get One Free deals.

There are also offers on new smartphone plan sign-ups, like paying for your Early Termination Fees or offering trade-in deals for your old smartphone.

How do you get the best Galaxy S8 price? We'll fill you in on the tips to paying the lowest amount for this still-stellar curvy smartphone.

The best Samsung Galaxy S8 deals

Without a deal, the Galaxy S8 launch price has been locked at $750 for the 64GB base model, but don't overpay now that the phone is more than six months old.

$175 off the Galaxy S8 through NewEgg is one of the best deals for Samsung's 2017 flagship smartphone. It costs $614, and is an unlocked GSM edition of the phone. It lacks the dual SIM slot of the global version, but will work with the likes of T-Mobile and AT&T.

Samsung has a cheap Galaxy S8 for $424.99 with a phone trade-in if you happen to have a working Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. That's a really good deal if you want to upgrade from last year's best phone to this year's. Or without a trade in, an unlocked model sells for $724.99, beating carrier prices.

AT&T has a buy-one-get-one Galaxy S8 deal if both devices are bought on AT&T Next with a qualifying wireless plan and DirecTV service. It also offers up-to $200 in trade-in value or a free Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch if the BOGO deal isn't to your liking.

T-Mobile will throw in a Galaxy Tab E for free with the purchase of a new Galaxy S8, but that will be at the full price of $750, even if it's on an installment plan.

Sprint is offering low monthly payments and the option to upgrade to a new phone after 12 monthly payments, but the phone will still cost a full $750 for people who want to keep instead of trading in when a new Galaxy phone comes out.

Verizon has no deal prices on the Galaxy S8, though it offers installment plans if paying full price upfront isn't an option.

More cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 deals

Amazon's deal also has the option of throwing in a Samsung Fast Charge wireless charging stand that would normally cost $89. But, in the bundle, the stand only adds $48.

To see if there are other deals from carriers we haven't mentioned above, see the list below.