I've been reviewing iPads since the first and these Amazon Prime Day tablet deals caught me by surprise

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus in front of Apple iPad 10.2 with TechRadar don't miss this deal banner behind
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You can find great Prime Day tablet deals across the board, even on some of the best iPad tablets, which is surprising because iPad tablets hardly ever go on sale. 

You can also get a great price on a Samsung premiere tablet like the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus, which is also a surprise, because that's a great tablet that's been weighed down by a high price. 

I've been reviewing tablets since the first Apple iPad. I even waited on line for that tablet, just like in the old days of the original iPhones and the coolest Nike kicks. It wasn't a long line because people didn't understand how great the iPad could be.

The Apple iPad 10.2 (2021) being used with an Apple Pencil

The iPad 10.2 (9th gen) is everything you need in a basic iPad (Image credit: TechRadar)

I kept that tablet for years and years because even the base model Apple iPad is a powerful tablet, capable of running anything you throw at its gigantic display. Unfortunately, it's always been hard to find a great iPad cheap, because even the base model iPad is pretty expensive, as far as tablets go.

That's why this Amazon Prime Day deal on the Apple iPad 10.2 from 2021 is so compelling. The price has been close to this low before, but for $249.99, this is the best price we've seen on this base model iPad that you can still buy new, directly from Apple, for $329.

Apple iPad 10.2 (2021, 64GB): $329now $249.99 on Amazon

Apple iPad 10.2 (2021, 64GB): was $329 now $249.99 on Amazon
This Amazon Prime Day iPad deal drops Apple's most affordable current iPad to its lowest price ever. You can still buy the iPad 10.2 new from Apple, so this is an amazing bargain on one of Apple's best current tablets. Even though it's a bit older for a base model iPad, Apple tablets are powerful enough to keep running for years, and Apple updates its older tablets with the latest iPad OS, far longer than rival Android tablets see support.

Or get a Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus if you're feeling serious

That Apple iPad 10.2 is a great entertainment device, and it can even handle some work if you buy an Apple Pencil or an extra keyboard. If you really want to get serious about working with a tablet, however, you should check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus. 

I don't usually recommend Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablets because Samsung prices them too high at launch and they don't get the same sales and contract offers that you can find on the best Samsung phones. That doesn't mean this isn't a great tablet. 

In fact, the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus is really an amazing tablet, at least at the current Amazon Prime Day price. With a 33% discount, for $599.99, you can get a huge, 12.4-inch tablet with an OLED display.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ writing with S Pen

The Galaxy Tab S8 Plus is a mighty big tablet (Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

Finding OLED on an affordable tablet is almost impossible, and the screen technology makes a huge difference, especially on a portable tablet device. The first time you're watching a movie in bed in the dark on your OLED Galaxy Tab S8 Plus, and the tablet simply disappears into the inky black on screen, you'll be happy with your choice.

Samsung's tablet comes with a Samsung S Pen, which is a much better stylus than an Apple Pencil because you never need to charge it (it's based on the same technology Wacom uses in its professional drawing tablets).

We're expecting new tablets to arrive soon, possibly at Samsung's just-announced Galaxy Unpacked 2023 event later this month. That doesn't mean we'll see a price cut on last year's (or, sadly, the year before's) model. The price will come down from the $999.99 that Samsung charges, but its unlikely you'll see the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus this cheap again until there's another big sale day.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus: Now $599.99

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus: was $899.99 Now $599.99
Our only problem with Samsung tablets like the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus is they are too expensive, so this great deal, which matches the all-time low price, is the time to buy. There are new tablets coming, but the Tab S8 Pus, with its OLED display and fast processor, will stand up to next year's model, especially if you can get if for a bargain. 

Philip Berne
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