7 new movies and shows to stream this weekend on Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, Max, and more (June 7)

The main promotional artwork for Star Wars: The Acolyte showing the Disney Plus series' main cast in various poses
Star Wars: The Acolyte leads this week's streaming recommendations. (Image credit: Lucasfilm/Disney Plus)

The Force is strong with June as we kick off a new month of articles shouting "hey, stream this!" at anyone who'll listen.

Indeed, with the second of 2024's new Star Wars shows debuting on Disney Plus this week, the next entry in Lucasfilm's juggernaut sci-fi franchise is likely to be high on your list of priority viewing. If you'd prefer to take a walk on the dark side, though, Netflix is coming in hot with a new crime-based black comedy movie, plus the return of a beloved dark fantasy series.

There's plenty more genre fare to immerse yourself in on a number of the world's best streaming services if none of the above takes your fancy, including a surprise Peacock entry. So, what are you waiting for? Dig out your replica lightsaber and slice your way through the below recommendations. Happy streaming!

Star Wars: The Acolyte (Disney Plus)

Billed as a Star Wars series unlike anything we've seen before, The Acolyte will aim to leave its indelible mark on that famous galaxy far, far away – starting with its first two episodes, which are out now on Disney Plus.

Set during The High Republic era, around one century before Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, and intriguingly described as "Frozen meets Kill Bill", Star Wars: The Acolyte is a mystery thriller that'll supposedly shock and amaze you. Its narrative, which primarily follows a Jedi Master who's investigating the unexplained deaths of his fellow Force wielders, will also show you "how the Sith infiltrated the Jedi Order", one of its many stars Dafne Keen exclusively told TechRadar.

Watch The Acolyte's first two entries on Disney Plus now. New episodes will be released weekly.

Sweet Tooth season 3 (Netflix)

The final installment of Sweet Tooth, one of the best Netflix shows, has landed on the streaming giant, and we suspect there won't be a dry eye in the house when the final credits roll.

Sweet Tooth season 3 picks up immediately after its predecessor, with the hybrid known as Gus and his human protector Jeppard embarking on a perilous journey to Alaska to find Gus' mom. Unsurprisingly, dangers lurk around every corner, including the emergence of a new foe and the ever-looming Sick, the human-threatening virus that's prevented the birth of new humans since its unexplained arrival. Have a box of tissues handy, everyone.

Sweet Tooth season 3 is out in full on Netflix now.

Hit Man (Netflix)

From Top Gun: Maverick to Anyone But You, Glen Powell is Hollywood's current flavor of the month. It's not a great surprise, then, that his next film is one of June's most anticipated new Netflix movies.

Inspired by an unbelievably true story, Hit Man stars Powell as Gary Johnson, an unassuming professor who also has a knack for being a fake hit man. However, when Gary meets his next client – Maddy Masters, played by Andor's Adria Arjona – and falls head over heels for her, the pair's initial encounter sets off a deception-based chain of events that'll have you second guessing everything about the duo and the flick's plot.

With its near-perfect critical and audience ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, you can expect Hit Man to be a, well, certified hit upon its streaming debut. Look out for its likely addition to our best Netflix movies list.

Watch Hit Man on Netflix.

Am I OK? (Max)

Fresh from leading the poorly received Spider-Man spin-off Madame Web, Dakota Johnson will hope her next movie – Am I OK? – will be better received.

One of June's new Max movies, Am I OK? sees Johnson play Lucy, a closeted lesbian who, with the aid of best friend Jane (Sonoya Mizuno), attempts to navigate coming out and dating women in her 30s. However, one day, when Jane drops the unexpected bombshell that she's permanently moving to London, the pair's friendship is thrown into chaos.

Based on its 79% critical score on Rotten Tomatoes, it seems that this Johnson-led Max film is not only worth your time, but should be added to our best Max movies guide. We'll see if general viewers agree with the critics before we pre-emptively include it on said list, though.

Watch Am I OK? on Max.

Becoming Karl Lagerfeld (Disney Plus/Hulu)

The late, great German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld gets the fictitious drama treatment in this forthcoming Hulu – it's available on Disney Plus internationally – series that'll explore his life and legacy in all its glory. Marvel actor Daniel Brühl (Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War) stars as the titular character, who took on his friend – and fierce rival – Yves Saint Laurent in a high-stakes fashionista battle in 1970s Paris.

Will The Emperor of Fashion's dramatized story have enough about it to make it onto our best Hulu shows and best Disney Plus shows lists? Perhaps, but it'll need plenty of people to tune in to ensure it can be labeled "in vogue".

Watch Becoming Karl Lagerfeld on Hulu. (NB: UK and Australian viewers can stream it on Disney Plus).

Fantasmas (Max)

Building on the acclaim that his debut feature flick Problemista received in late 2023, Julio Torres puts his wildly creative and absurd sense of humor on full display in this Max-based TV venture. A surreal, six-parter, Fantasmas sees Torres portray a fictional version of himself, who embarks on a mission to retrieve a lost gold oyster earring. Along the way, Torres meets all sorts of offbeat characters, who span the comedy spectrum from the eerie to the introspective, in a dreamscape-style New York City.

With A-listers including Emma Stone, Paul Dano, Steve Buscemi, and Julia Fox among others along for the ride, Fantasmas' weird and abstract narrative and setting, coupled with its rich exploration of deeply human themes, imply it'll be a shoo-in for inclusion on our best Max shows list. You know, as long as it's good.

Watch Fantasmas episode 1 on Max now. New episodes will air weekly.

Queer Planet (Peacock)

With Pride Month celebrations officially underway, the release of this Peacock nature documentary is, given its content, particularly fitting.

Narrated by Big Mouth's Andrew Rannells, Queer Planet shines an unexpected light on nature's hidden LGBTQ-plus community, and explores the same-sex relationships and non-binary traits exhibited by a wide variety of species. A first-of-its-kind docufilm with expert insight from numerous scientists, Queer Planet aims to educate and entertain with its eye-opening and heart-warming examination of LGBTQ-plus behavior throughout the natural world.

Watch Queer Planet on Peacock.

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